The Floating Stitched Faces of Marjolein Starreveld

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There’s a certain haunting quality to the machine embroidery work of artist Marjolein Starreveld. Faces emerge as if from a fog, distorted in ways that seem almost like a glitch in the matrix. The raw, mixed media quality of the pieces combined with trailing threads gives everything the sense that it might disintegrate if we stare just a little bit too long, and yet your eyes can’t help but linger.

Marjolein Starreveld 01

Marjolein Starreveld 02

Marjolein Starreveld 03

The slightly crumbling quality to her pieces is no accident, as she cites “deformation” as a major theme in her work.

Marjolein started working in hand embroidery after graduating art school, but moved onto machine embroidery and enjoys experimenting and using the “strange mistakes” that happen in the medium as part of the look of her art.

Marjolein Starreveld 04

Marjolein Starreveld 05

Marjolein Starreveld 06If you would like to see more of Marjolein Starreveld’s amazing work, check it all out on her website.


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