The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Marloes Duyker

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Marloes Duyker’s embroidered work is sublime.

Marloes Duyker - Face - Machine Embroidery
She is a illustrator from Utrecht in the Netherlands, who specialises in fabricated illustrations creating with a sewing machine.

Marloes Duyker - Goldfish - Machine Embroidery & Applique

She produces work for a range of clients, books and magazines. Some recent works were used in a booklet for prostitutes to inform them about health issues and the risk of HIV.

Marloes Duyker - Machine Embroidery & Applique

Her work is simply astounding. Her applique work pushes the concept to new depths, and I think it is an inspiration to any of us embroiderers.

Marloes Duyker - Machine Embroidery & Applique

Marloes’ work defines contemporary embroidery for me, raising it to from craft to art, and I simply applaud her for what she does. Her work is both beautiful and obscene; contemporary and yet honouring that which has gone before. It’s just great.

You can see her work at her Flickr photostream.


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