Maxine Sutton - Sad Bird - embroidered textile artwork

The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Maxine Sutton

Maxine Sutton is a textile designer from Margate, England.

Maxine Sutton - Hey Cat - embroidered textile artwork

If one were to imagine a workshop household, one would envision a situation where most, if not all things were made in a more imaginative and beautiful way than in quotidian life” – Mark Rosenthal

I love the idea of the workshop household described by Mark Rosenthal, and believe in the importance of our interaction with materials, texture, pattern, and the handmade.The handmade object creates layers of significance and forms a part of personal and family narratives, making links and connections through generations.

Maxine Sutton - Little Red Bird - embroidered textile artwork

“My work continues to explore the interplay between screen-printed and embroidered textures, colour, mark, drawn and stitched lines. Often playing with imagery and ideas springing from our relationship with familiar domestic objects, everyday pastimes, the meaning of ‘home’ and home-making activities. Abstract and semi-figurative forms combined with pattern and texture present an ambiguous narrative.

Maxine Sutton - Marjory - embroidered tea cosy

Using Irish machine, and hand embroidery I employ a combination of traditional techniques, such as appliqué  patchwork, needle-punch and screen print. Forms, are hand drawn, paper cut, found or photographic; layered and collaged with abstract and semi figurative appliquéd, needle-punched and printed imagery. Embroidered lines and densely embroidered areas create further layers of texture and interest.”

Maxine Sutton - Cuckoo - embroidered textile artwork

I like a good bit of mixed up textile work and Maxine’s work is a great example. Quirky and wistful, the combination of machine embroidery, appliqué and screen printing is very contemporary and quite charming.

Maxine Sutton - Sad Bird - embroidered textile artwork

Visit Maxine’s website to see more of her work, including paper collage work, and check out her shop for lovely home furnishings!

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