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Millinery Instagram Accounts – 2018 Edition

So… I’ve been missing from posting to this blog for a while now. (The reasons are boring: a mix of writer’s block and being busy.) Anyhow, I’m back.

It’s become something of a tradition in December for me to showcase fellow milliners and share some eye-candy in the form of Instagram accounts! You can also visit the editions from 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Milliners Laura Del Villagio and Kristin Silverman
At Millinery Meet-Up 2018. Me (on right) with fellow milliner Laura Del Villagio (MilliStarr), who was featured in the first round of top Instagram accounts for hat-lovers.

This year it seemed fitting to combine a selection of millinery-related Instagram accounts with one of the reasons I was busy in 2018: Millinery Meet-Up!

This year was the third and final session of this event, which brought top milliners from around the world to teach a variety of classes. It was my first time attending. Not only was the education amazing, but I got to meet so many people with a shared passion for millinery.

So this year’s round-up is featuring 10 milliners I had the pleasure of meeting in person!

There were so many more talented milliners than just the ones below. Some I didn’t include because they have only a sporadically hatty Instagram presence. Others (such as MilliStarr) aren’t in this year because they have already been featured. Here’s a shout-out to these fabulous folks I got to visit with in September! ❤️ In no particular order…

10. Hats to Di For – Diane Shagott (@hatstodifor)

Diane is one of the founders of Millinery Meet-Up. In person, she is sweet and talented and can’t-take-your-eyes-off-her stunning to look at. Obviously, she makes wonderful hats. She’s not the most prolific Instagram poster, which might be why she doesn’t have a ton of followers. But what is there is some great stuff.


9. Boring Sidney Hats and Headdresses – Belle McCluskey (@boringsidneyhatsandheaddresses)

I first met Belle at the “Milliners of Etsy” fashion show in 2013 when I was still very new to millinery. I’ve been fond of Belle ever since. She’s awesome, and her hats are works of art.


8. Maria Etkind Millinery (@mariaetkindmillinery)

Maria is a delightful person. She’s in New Orleans — and her hats are wonderful!


7. Trish Raine Felting – Trish Hirschkorn (@trishrainefelting)

Trish specializes in nuno felt, and up-cycles silks to create one-of-a-kind designs. Doing her own felting sets her apart from most other milliners, and her work is stunning!


6. Hatnip Hats – Kim Fraser (@hatniphats)

Kim is a woman after my own heart with her love of vintage style. I loved getting to know her a bit in the two-day course we were both in.


5. Abbydid – Abby Langdon (@abbydid)

Abby is surprisingly new to millinery. It seems like she must have been doing it for years rather than a little more than one. But the explanation is simple: She was a textile artist before she discovered millinery. It was a natural transition.


4. Karen Morris Millinery – (@karenmorrismillinery)

Karen wasn’t at Millinery Meet-Up as a teacher or student, but as a vendor. (She has small hat-making supplies business in addition to her millinery work.) She was only there the first day, but I happily bought a felt from her. I was surprised that I hadn’t included her in a previous list. Her work is always excellent.



3. Bay Willow Design – Jenny Mathison-Foster (@bay_willow)

If you want to feel jealous of a hat-block collection, this is one account to follow. She has amazing vintage blocks! And also beautiful hats — including the popular vote winner in the Millinery Meet-Up hat contest :


2. Sally Caswell (@sallycaswellhat)

I loved visiting with Sally Caswell. She’s a friendly and talented NYC-based milliner. Her fanciful creation (below) won “Best Interpretation of Theme” for the hat contest. (Theme: A Right Royal “Knees Up” Wedding.) Her more regular hats are even more beautiful.


1. Lifted Millinery – Katie Props-Allen (@liftedmillinery)

Even though this isn’t a countdown to a “winner,” Katie has to have a double feature. She’s a lovely person and an incredibly talented milliner. She won the overall prize in the hat competition. That’s a serious honor when you think of the caliber of talent that entered.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that she also posted possibly my most favorite hat on all of Instagram in 2018. I just gushed over it the first time I saw it, and I’ll keep gushing over it. It’s so beautiful:


Bonus: Hat Blocks Australia (@hat_blocks_australia)

Sure, I love hat-block makers because they make hat blocks. But getting to meet the people behind the work (of one brand) was unexpectedly wonderful! I totally fell in love with Darryll and Renee Osborne. So glad I got the chance to know them a bit in person at Millinery Meet-Up! And, of course, I bought a few goodies from them to bring home to my studio.



And, though I never feature myself, as always, you can find my Instagram at @silverhillcreative.


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