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Millinery Instagram Accounts – 2015 Edition

Millinery Operations with Kristin Silverman

I’m just going to say it: Lately reading Facebook has been making me depressed. Really depressed. Every day there’s more to read about people being hateful and hypocritical. (Which is worse, the hatred or the hypocrisy?) For social media, Instagram is my happy place. I escape there to look at pretty pictures of pretty things.

I follow a lot of milliners and a lot of vintage sellers on Instagram. So I thought I’d share my favorite accounts.

Should be easy, right? Nope. My first list was 52 accounts, and that isn’t even all of the hat-related accounts I follow. It took a long time to narrow it down to my top 10. Some excellent accounts were cut for having too many photos of their lunches or kids.

So here goes – 10 Millinery Instagram Accounts for you to follow!

10. David Dunkley Fine Millinery (@daviddunkleyhat)
Toronto-based milliner. His hats are great, but he also can be very funny. Occasional selfies, that are actually not annoying. (I’m not a fan of selfies.)


9. Scout Millinery (@scoutmillinery)
Massachusetts-based milliner. Maybe the reason I like this IG feed so much is that it reminds me of my own: vintage inspired hats, photos of supplies or works in progress … and not slickly over-produced the way some accounts are. It has a charming, authentic feel, as well as nice hats.


8. Klobouky Jolana Millinery (@kloboukyjolanakotabova)
Milliner in Prague. Beautiful hats … and absolutely wonderful photos of the process. Check out this account for lots of shots from a millinery studio at work.


7. Anna Andrienko (@anna_millinery)
Don’t you just love how small the world becomes through social media? This millinery instagram account is based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Very nice, well-made hats — with professional photography. A bright and clean IG account.


6. JJ Hat Center (@jjhatcenternyc)
A hat shop (based in New York City) rather than an individual hat-maker. They carry a wide range of brands, as well as doing repairs and reshaping. Milliner Ryan Wilde also makes hats in their workshop. Lots of fun photos of hats, staff and the inside of the shop.


5. Hats with a Past (@hatswithapast)
Some of the best cut-and-sew hats around! (“Cut and sew” just means hats made of fabric that are sewn, as opposed to hats of felt or straw, which are blocked.) Vintage-style cloches and newsboys in beautiful wools.


4. Milli Starr (@millistarr)
Texas-based millinery instagram account. Gorgeous hats photographed on a gorgeous model. Occasionally vintage hats come up for sale, too. And some photos of work in progress. But mostly just eye candy for hat-lovers.


3. High Hat Couture (@highhatcouture)
A vintage shop. So there are some clothes mixed in the feed, too. But, oh, the hats! Some absolutely amazing millinery, mostly from the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s.


2. Maor Zabar Hats (@maorzabarhats)
A couture milliner based in Israel. If you are a fan of artistic and outlandish millinery, this is a wonderful account to follow. Beautiful photography and stunning designs.

1. Barbara Feinman Millinery (@barbarafeinmanmillinery)
Maybe my favorite millinery instagram account. Wonderful photos of beautiful hats. Plus a recent series of evocative black-and-white photos of hats being made. Just stunning!


I didn’t include my own account in this countdown for obvious reasons, but if you’d like to follow my hat-making work on Instagram, you can find me at @SilverhillCreative.

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