Mt. Taylor Quilt Guild show

Utha Miller’s Any Which Way

I attended a local quilt show this month. I do not think they had their show last year but I did write on this particular guild’s show in 2019. It is the Mt. Taylor Quilt Guild quilt show located in Grants, New Mexico. There were so many beautiful and inspiring quilts! So let’s just get to presenting some amazing eye candy! The first up is Lynn Olinger’s Butterfly which I think is a really striking quilt!

Lynn Olinger’s Butterfly
Lynn Olinger’s Butterfly

Next is Nellie Kelsey’s Selvage Strips which I adore with its use of scraps.

Nellie Kelsey’s Selvage Strips
Nellie Kelsey’s Selvage Strips

This next one is super fun, especially when you note the title: Spiders. By Carol Saunders

Carol Saunders’ Spiders

I love the use of subtle use of batiks in Marjorie Polich’s 76 Clambones below.

Marjorie Polich’s 76 Clambones

Next we have another from Lynn Olinger titled Tennessee Whiskey.

Lynn Olinger’s Tennessee Whiskey

I am kind of a sucker for earth tones, and earthy themed, quilts. The one below fits that bill for me in a table runner size. It is Donna McCausland’s My Christmas Leaves.

Donna McCausland’s My Christmas Leaves.

Another earthy one I was really drawn to is Laura Wilson’s Mid Century Modern. I love the touch of embroidery in there.

Laura Wilson’s Mid Century Modern
Laura Wilson’s Mid Century Modern

This next one, Vicki Johnson’s Lemon Halftones, I find really unique and fascinating as it is missing particular circles. It insists you look at it and think, which I love.

Vicki Johnson’s Lemon Halftones

Another one I adore is another from Nellie Kelsey titled Wedding Ring. I adore its retro simplicity. It is all hand quilted and embroidered and I find it to be incredibly sweet.

Nellie Kelsey’s Wedding Ring
Nellie Kelsey’s Wedding Ring

Here is a super fun and bright one! Laura Herman’s Crazy Nine Patch..

Laura Herman’s Crazy Nine Patch

Utha Russell’s Any Which Way is so fun and vibrant and full of movement.

Utha Russell’s Any Which Way
Utha Russell’s Any Which Way

This last one is my favorite. I was really drawn to the color choices and just how beautifully it flows using batiks that are earthy yet bright? Laura Wilson’s Batik Beauty.

Laura Wilson’s Batik Beauty.
Laura Wilson’s Batik Beauty.

There you have it! I think there was an incredibly inspiring variety of quilts and approaches to quilting at this little local quilt show. I hope you can find a local quilt show in your area!!

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