all about meat

all about meat

This month, I bring you a non-vegetarian topic! No matter if you eat meat or not, you absolutely must see these amazing works.

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Kate Kretz

Kate Kretz grew up in NY. She was trained as a painter, but creates across disciplines, choosing the most potent medium for each project. Recent work includes human hair embroideries, dense, bas-relief cotton floss embroideries, highly wrought oil and acrylic paintings, pyrography and tiny silverpoint drawings on found silver objects. She is generally focused on creating time-intensive, intricate work telling difficult truths.

In this column 'Stitching it real' we will learn all about how meat and textile art can be connected to create great contemporary work!

“I make art to keep myself sane. It is a way to process what is happening in the world around me, and I do it compulsively. My heart and nervous system resemble that of a folk artist, albeit one who has read way too many books.”- says the artist.

Both pieces are part of “Sentient Beings” series. “(…) a larger body of work exploring entitlement and some humans’ need to dominate. At the start of this series, I had to look at the ways in which I am complicit in subjugating other beings, and, therefore, the first wave of this work addresses our assumption that we have the right to subjugate animals.”- Kate says.

Silvia Wald

Silvia Wald studied clothing technology in Berlin until 2007. Wald founded Aufschnitt in 2008. The studio for textile object design came to life as a play on the word ‘Schnittkonstruktion’, the basis for the creation of clothing and the butcher’s term for cold cut meats. Paradoxically, Wald is a vegetarian, but loves to give her fashion industry customers mini minced sausage as an advertising present. Aufschnitt’s sausages are loved by everyone and cause quite the stir. Currently, the studio offers a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every taste. “Our curiosities and delicacies can be found not only in the simple butcher, but also in bakeries, vegetable shops, on markets and of course in our concept store in Berlin.”

Aufschnitt’s designs mimic everyday sausage and meat products in traditional sewing techniques. We work with cotton, lycra, microfibre and synthetic leather, dye with natural dyes, screen print and incorporate original items from the butcher industry.

Tamara Kostianovsky

Tamara Kostianovsky is a Latinx artist whose work addresses themes including the environment, violence and consumer culture, often employing discarded clothing to create visceral and intricate sculptures and installations.

“The discovery of a world concealed behind the skin took form in my adolescence while working at a surgeon’s office, where veins exploded into waterfalls, cut ligaments set free the muscles they once contained, and chunks of fat poured over tissues of various colors and textures. A fascination with these encounters put the body at the center of my work, allowing me to use this imagery to reflect on consumption, ecology, and the voracious needs of the body.”- says the artist.

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