Mt. Taylor Quilt Guild Quilt Show

I had just recently returned from being a vendor at the Needlework Galleria in Missouri, which was amazing, when my friend asked me if I wanted to attend a local quilt guild’s show. I was more than willing and it was perfect timing for Quilty Pleasures!

This show was put on by the Mt. Taylor Quilt Guild in Grants, NM. This Quilt Guild Quilt Show is only a 45 minute drive from me. You have all read of the infamous Route 66? Grants is one of those little towns/cities that exist on that route. Driving through this town you would not think that it has much to offer but the Mt. Taylor Quilt Guild will surprise you! There were so many amazing quilts in this show and I met so many wonderful people. Some people, although they were quilters, knew who Mr. X Stitch is and as such I knew I was among friends. That being said I will show you a few of the quilts I saw. You will have to bear with me and my camera in regards to the pictures. There seemed to be a glare in every picture I took. I am sure you will still appreciate the beautiful quilts.


Quilt Guild Quilt Show
Just Blocks by Loren Kauffroath


The first quilt I saw was Just Blocks by Loren Kauffroath. While just simple colors it was so amazing and brilliant. At the Quilt Guild Quilt Show I was informed that Loren had hand pieced and hand quilted the work. I was also told he is the only man in the guild.


Mt. Taylor Quilt Guild Quilt Show
Sew Positively Orange by Utha Russell


Above you see a less than perfect picture of a beautiful wall piece with many layers of fabric. It is titled Sew Positively Orange by Utha Russell. The artist told me that the challenge of this entry involved using black and white and then choosing one other color. I love how she used orange and the work did not even hint at Halloween, which one would expect with orange, black and white!. I wanted to feel all the layers but I refrained.


Mt. Taylor Quilt Guild Quilt Show
Fractured Star by Marjorie Polich


Another work that struck me was Fractured Star by Marjorie Polich. I think her use of batiks with a stained glass effect is just stunning!


Mt. Taylor Quilt Guild Quilt Show
Hopi Basketry by Kathie Curley


In the piece above you see the influence of our area here, which is made up in large part, by various Native tribes. This is titled Hopi Basketry by Kathie Curley. This quilt seemed to move with that intricate design. It is a beautiful representation of the basketry art of the Hopi people.


Mt. Taylor Quilt Guild Quilt Show
Two Grey Hills by Ronni Wauneka


At this Quilt Guild Quilt Show here is another beautiful piece reflective of the area. It is Two Grey Hills by Ronni Wauneka. It really looks like a traditional rug! I tried to get a close up of the stitching but the pictures did not come out well. Ronni used variegated thread in an open zig zag for the quilting and it is really effective and beautiful.

I was so impressed by the quilts and the people at this small local show. I wish more of my pictures came out better as there were so many works that I am sad I could not show you. If you are ever traveling that way you can contact them, or join in.  You can email the women who manage the guild:

Marilyn Marks
Carol Saunders
Utha Russell

Whatever the case, look out for this Quilt Guild Quilt Show!

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