Muriel Decaillet – Red Work

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Muriel Decaillet is a visual artist from Geneva, Switzerland.

She creates fantastic multimedia installations: “As a visual artist, I create installations that take into account the exhibition space, its architecture and its context. These elements are the starting points for the setting up of my installations. I use various processes: wool thread, textile, photography, video and sound to weave stories, express emotions and sketch intimate representations, grazing the universe of femininity and its complexity. By doing so, a set of techniques is induced to replace the pencil line to draw a space geometry suggested by hardly perceptible dots, like an intimate cartography.

Muriel has been creating installations for over ten years, and the work has explored some interesting themes. “Bang Bang” (2008) is a series of 14 canvases and accompanying soundtrack: “The exhibit BANG BANG refers to emotional mourning through a metaphor of the art of delivery, and more generally, makes an analogy between the art of giving birth and artistic creation.  The visual approach illustrates the different phases of forceps delivery.

Muriel Decaillet - Red Work

It suggests the physical pain felt while coming to life, underlying at the same time the degree of urgency and the need of medical assistance.  The soundtrack highlights the feeling of separation as well as its issue which is delivery.  It evokes the pungency of loss, but also re-birth, and recovered freedom.”

Muriel Decaillet - Red Work

One of her most recent works “a red line around the world” is a visual exploration of Muriel’s world, with red yarn providing a physical connection between each piece. As you scroll through the pieces, you experience a fantastic journey of ideas and themes, all of which are connected. The red line began in September 2008 and continues to this day; it’s a terrific idea.

Muriel Decaillet - Red Work

It’s worth taking the time to explore Muriel’s website and to see the sheer body of work she has produced. There’s a great variation in the form of her installations, ranging from interactive works in nature, to complex structures built in galleries, to the elegant simplicity of the red line. It’s great to see thread breaking out of it’s confines in so many different ways.

Muriel Decaillet - Red Work

Muriel exhibits around the world and is constantly producing new work – find out more at her site.