Book Review – Jessie Chorley’s Favourite Stitches

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Jessie Chorley has self-published this aesthetically pleasing book, its not your average professionally published book – this seems to have a character of its own…..

Jessie Chorley’s Favourite Stitches

Who is it aimed at?

Its a very approachable publication – its not too “high-end” to put readers off, nor is it too simplistic to seem basic.  The simple stitches are reachable for all.

About the artist

Jessie via her website tells us:

It all started from those very first stitches that I made in to my chosen cloth, with my selection of threads. These threads were from my Mum’s big and special wooden case, that she stored them in, high up on the shelf away from little fingers. It was by my Mum’s side and under her expert wing, that I started my adventures in stitch, paint, ink, and paper. Growing up high in the hills of North Wales countryside, at the foot of Mount Snowdon until the age of 20. I was home schooled through my education by my Mother and embroidery artist in her own right Primmy Chorley. Art, embroidery and the appreciation of traditional textiles technique being at the heart of my education.

Today I consider myself a Londoner, after moving to this city that is my home in 2001,  and completing my BA in Fine Art Textile Practice from Goldsmiths College, University of London Arts, in summer 2005. This was also the year I established my business and dedicated my life to being a full time artist and maker.


my favourite stitches
The books cover, situated with the type of tools Jessie uses.

The title documenting the theme of ‘favourite stitches’ says it all, however this book is more than a stitch A – Z, the carefully illustrated pages, drawn by Jessie herself give this book a one-off quality.

Hand drawn illustrations and stitch instructions fill every page.


Book Review - Jessie Chorley's Favourite Stitches
Templates and ideas for stitch drawings are given – we could also make our own versions too.


Jessie has captured some of her own work in detail throughout the book, so we see the relation between hand drawn illustration and the stitched fabric version…

Book Review - Jessie Chorley's Favourite Stitches
A Jessie style rabbit and house, made up in favourite stitches…traditional themes, yet accomplished in a timeless way.

What makes the book special?

We were surprised to receive the book all parcelled up beautifully.  A personalised hand written card, along with wrapping around the book….all hand tied together.

Book Review - Jessie Chorley's Favourite Stitches
On opening, we felt we were receiving a gift of a book!

Anything wrong with the book?

This is not your standard certain number of pages, hardback book, published by a well known publishing house, so if you prefer that standard, this may surprise you.  However this is a one off, one you wont want to just store away on your shelf.  It is one to take with you, to inspire.  It could be given as a thoughtful gift.  You may want to leave it on your table as a source of continued inspiration.   In other words – good on you Jessie for going the self-publishing route!


Book Review - Jessie Chorley's Favourite Stitches
The back cover is just as good as the front….it is the sort of book you read till the end…favourite stitches – What’s yours?

Jessie Chorley’s Favourite Stiches is published by Jessie herself and is available to purchase though this link.

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