The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Naomi Ryder

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Naomi Ryder is a textile artist and illustrator from London, England.

Naomi Ryder - Cat Power

With a background in textile and fashion embroidery and with her highly developed observational skills, Naomi has received commissions from fashion designers such as John Rocha, Domino records, Southbank Centre (depicting members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra) and the V & A.  Naomi has also run workshops at the V & A and the Fashion and Textiles Museum, London.

Naomi Ryder - Mark

Naomi has just completed a residency at the Muir Arts Trust “whose open studios, workshop and individual display will complement the stunning exhibition of embroidery and textiles, “Splendid Stitches”, at the Buckinghamshire County Museum.

Naomi Ryder - chiffon pictures

Naomi loves to draw as much as she does to sew and in this residency she will be employing both skills to create stitched portraits of people:  those involved with or visiting the museum as well as the local life of Aylesbury. Naomi’s open studio, workshop and talk will allow visitors to engage with her work and see for themselves how much life and movement can be created in stitch. 

Naomi Ryder - Domino Stool Pidgeon

I always admire free machine embroidery artists, dropping those feed dogs to make cool illustrative pieces. Naomi epitomises this style, and it’s great to see her commercial successes continuing.

Naomi Ryder - Maximum Joy Chromatics

You can see Naomi’s work as part of the Splendid Stitches and Exotic Embroideries exhibition at Buckingham County Museum running until 6th July 2013, or visit her website to find out what she does next. One thing’s for sure, she’s on an upward trajectory!


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