Nathan Plung

The man himself

Who is Nathan Plung?

Nathan has had his challenges in life.  Growing up with Cerebral Palsy amongst other conditions; a career in the Arts may have seemed like one dream too many; however it seems this guy is a tough cookie.  Beginning to teach himself to Cross Stitch at age eleven, what could have been left as a therapeutic pastime has turned into a honed practice, which could be described at Fine Art Textiles or Fibre Art, due to its masterpiece nature.  He confesses that realising this new skill was a short step to ‘recognizing I wanted to create and share art with others for my entire life’.

So, what do his pieces look like?  Lets take a look….

Nathan Plung - Picasso
Picasso created in Nathan’s unique way

From Picasso to Zappa, he’s taken on the greats.

Nathan Plung
Frank Zappa – Nathan conveys facial emotion well.

Through his website, he is keen to tell us that his work has not been machine produced or made in mass, this is ‘one-of-a-kind, original art’. You can learn more about this process here.

We love the way that Nathan has used Cross Stitch to create these high contrast portraits, with their strong designs and bold imagery.  Challenging the conventional concepts of cross stitch, Nathan has crafted his talent into a real artisan skill; elevating our opinions of what we have judged to be a hobby style craft.

Nathan Plung
Keith Richards in greys.

Nathan Plung is a guy with so much to give, who has not let circumstances mute his talent. A great lesson for all of us, with less challenges to get off our seats and create. He talks openly about his life, as well as his art, showing that the two can mix.

‘As with any artist, the thought of having my work hanging in people’s homes, being on display, is inspiring. My art is still therapy, mental and physical, but it is also the way I express myself, to myself and to others.’

Nathan Plung
Samuel Beckett…look at those laughter lines

Nathan Plung is an inspirational young man? Why not visit his website or his Facebook page and take a look for yourself.  He has also been interviewed and this is still available to listen to here.

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