YooMoo creates detailed life like human sculptures

15 Needle Felting Artists That Will Inspire You

Felter Skelter - Needle Felt Art Inspiration

Welcome to Felter Skelter, your essential guide for needle felting inspiration and ideas!

We have featured many needle felting artists over the years, as well as sharing our advice on how to pick the right equipment to have a go yourself. So if you want some inspiration, here are fifteen artists who we feel deserve a mention! Don’t forget to read our other Felter Skelter posts and click on the links in each post and you can read our review of their work!

Sarah Strub - Dream Snake No. 29
Sarah Strub – Dream Snake No. 29

Sarah “Wolfie” Strub uses really unusual faces within her work, making these art dolls in needle felt just a little bit different.

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Lizzie Pearce fantasy mushrooms, three in total
Lizzie Pearce – Fantasy Fungi

Lizzie Pearce is a cat obsessed needle felter & maker of unusual things, however we loved her fungi fun as you can see! She is based in Mid Wales UK.

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YooMoo creates detailed life like human sculptures
YooMoo – Frida Kahlo

YooMoo, a Japanese artist considers animals and humans with such care; using fabric as well as needle felting to create her treasures. This take on Frida Kahlo got us interested!

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Stowaways Toys - Vegetable creature
Stowaways Toys – Beet Beast

Stowaways Toys often have a veggie vibe. Their charming little faces give her veggie people real character and they look great in almost any setting.

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Zoë Williams Totems
Zoë Williams – Totems

Zoë Williams is a needle felting artist who turns her lucid dreams into wistful creations.

She is also our very own Felter Skelter columnist and a fantastic curator!

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Irina Valentina - felted girls
Irina Valentina – Plaits

We love felt artist Irina Valentina’s faceless girls with their stand out ribbons. They capture quiet moments of normality, but give them a sense of magic.

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Sarah Mandell needle felted Cacti
Sarah Mandell – Cacti

Sarah Mandell is crazy about cacti! Her plants will brighten up any space and require no watering – just the occasional dusting!

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Lycka creates bird needle felted sculptures
Lycka – Budgie Brigade

Lycka focuses on our feathered friends with her felty forms – check out this bird driven selfie!

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Manooni - Geometric Friends - Needle Felting
Manooni – Geometric Friends

Manooni are two sisters from Ukraine whose characters are both abstract and affirming.

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Shana Kohnstamm - Glassy Eyed (2021)
Shana Kohnstamm – Glassy Eyed

Shana Kohnstamm pushes her needle felting art in all directions and across multiple themes! The one consistent thing is her evident passion for her art!

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Karina Kalvaitis blossom animal in green
Karina Kalvaitis – Green Blossom Animal

Karina Kalvaitis creates ‘lovely creatures for gentle souls’.  
Her creations bridge the gap between realism and fantasy and evoke magical realms.

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Paolo del Toro
Paolo Del Toro – The Floating Head

Paolo Del Toro makes large scale pieces that are evocative of fever dreams, with a lightness of touch but a darkness of desire.

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Droolwool - Bonfire Buddy
Droolwool – Smoke Cloud

Maria Filipe Castro, aka Droolwool, makes colourful creations that have an innocent joy to them! Her portfolio is guaranteed to make you smile!

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Hine Mizushima - Shellfish Gamers
Hine Mizushima – Shellfish Gamers

Hine Mizushima has been a favourite of ours for years. She mixes needle felting with the odd embroidered finishing touch and creates characters with a unique style.

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Linda Brike – bird couple

Ryan Lytle‘s sculptures are big, bold and brilliant. Mashing creatures together to create godlike artefacts, his needle felted art is really dynamic!

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If this section of fifteen needle felt artist doesn’t get you ordering your fibres and searching for your stab-worthy needles, we have loads more inspiration for you in our dedicated needle felting area. If you find yourself creating some pieces of your own, please get in touch and share them with us!

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