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13 Needle Felting Gift Ideas

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Welcome to Felter Skelter, your essential guide for needle felting inspiration and ideas!

We’ve put together a collection of our favourite needle felting gifts and books that will appeal to the needle felting fan in your world!

We’ll start with needle felting books to inspire you and then we’ll pick the tools you’ll need to get felting! Here’s the list!

Needle Felting Books

I Felt Awesome by Moxie

I Felt Awesome

by Moxie

This remains one of my favourite needle felting books and although it’s out of print, you can still find a copy if you hunt it out!

Packed with humour as well as tons of wisdom, Moxie will inspire you to try needle felting and make all manner of fun felty friends!

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Felt Passion

by Ellen Bakker and Ricarda Aßmann

If you want to be truly inspired by what can be made with needle felting, then Felt Passion is a must-have!

95 artists share their creativity, and with over 750 colour photos, it really is a rich resource of amazing art from wearable art to sculpture and so much more!

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Felt Passion by Ellen Bakker and Ricarda Aßmann

Easy Stuff To Make With Fluff

Easy Stuff to make with Fluff

by Gillian Harris

Our third book choice is a broader look at what can be done with fibres, from crochet and spinning to weaving and felting.

It is jam-packed with ideas and projects for you to try and there’s plenty of opportunity to explore new crafts, while making good use of all that fluff!

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Embellish, Stitch, Felt

by Sheila Smith

If you’re a confident needle felter, maybe it’s time to stretch yourself with a touch of embellishment!

Sheila Smith is a well-respected textile teacher and in this book she will explore using techniques like applique and needle punching to elevate your felting creativity!

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Embellish Stitch Felt by Sheila Smith

Needle Felting Gifts

Needle Felting Pad

If you’re going to stab something 1000 times, you need a good pad to poke your needle into. Trust us, it’s much easier than pulling your plunges and these Jute pads are perfect for this purpose.

These hand-made Jute pads from LorriBeaCrafts come unfilled, so you can add rice (or lavender for a fragrant flourish) and you’ll have a great platform to work on.

Needle Felting Gifts - Jute Needle Felting Pad

Needle Felting Gifts - Eco needle felting mat 100% wool

Needle Felting Mat

Your felting pads will take a pounding over time, and this 100% wool mat is an ideal protection for your trusted cushions – place them on top and you’ll give your pads a longer lifespan!

We recommend this pack of three mats from LincolnshireFenn on Etsy for the best variety of surface protection.

Finger Protectors

We’ve all been there – you’re deep in the zone, the felt is taking form and things are looking good. And then you stab your fingers. And then five minutes later, you do it again..! Son of a…

Despite the best of intentions, you’re more than likely to hit your non-dominant hand with your needle, but these leather finger protectors from FeltThingsShop can minimise the risk of puncture or bleeding!

Needle Felting Gifts - Needle Felting Finger Protectors

Needle Felting Gifts - Needle Felting Needles

Felting Needles

Needle felting without needles, is needless to say, a bit tricky. They are the most important element of your stabbing set-up and we’ve got a fantastic post explaining why you need special needles here!

HeidiFeathersonEtsy has a huge variety of needles for your felting fancy, with colour coding to help you choose the right ones!

Needle Felting Handle

Once you’ve got your needles, you need to get to grips with them, and HeidiFeathersonEtsy’s wooden handle will do the job nicely!

This two-part handle is natural to the touch and can hold four needles at once, which is ideal for most of your structural work!

Needle Felting Gifts - Wooden Needle Felting Handle

Needle Felting Gifts - Clover Multi-Needle Pen Tool

Clover Multi-Needle Pen Tool

For finer detail work, you can get more precision with a pen tool for felting rather than a handle, and the Clover Pen Tool is a popular choice.

SweetPeaDolls is one of a few Etsy sellers who has this multi-needle tool in stock.

Bauble Needle Felting Templates

Felting templates can be a helpful shortcut to getting the forms you want, and are great needle felting gifts for the beginner who may not be confident in shaping felt.

We thought these Bauble templates from MumsMakery looked like a nice way to get festive with your felting, but you want to get them now so you can gift bespoke baubles to all your besties!

Needle Felting Gifts - Needle Felting Bauble templates from MumsMakery

Day of the Dead Skull Needle Felting Kit

Sugar Skull Needle Felting Kit

There are many needle felting kits out there, but these Día de los Muertos Sugar Skulls are darkly delightful!

The kit from Bergin & Bath contains six shades of wool, a needle and a guide that will have you making soft sugar skulls in no time!

Toadstools Needle Felting Kit

If skulls aren’t your thing, that’s cool. This toadstool kit from The Crafty Kit Company is a good alternative.

What better way to appreciate the beauty of some of nature’s most overlooked creations than needle felting some fungi!

Toadstool Needle Felting Kit

So there it is! Our guide to the best needle felting gifts for you or for the felty fanatic in your life. There’s something for everyone!

If you are just starting out, the Sugar Skull Kit is an efficient way to get the materials and guidance to make the first felty forms.

If you’re more experienced, treat yourself to the Felt Passion book and explore the world of needle felting inspiration.

And if you want more needle felting, we have hundreds of posts for you to enjoy!

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