NeedleXChange 003 - Emma Homent AKA The Makers Marks

NeedleXChange: Emma Homent

NeedleXChange - Conversations on the art of thread

Welcome to NeedleXChange, conversations on the art of thread. It’s our podcast in which Jamie “Mr X Stitch” Chalmers talks with needlework and textile artists about their practice and process.

Our third episode is with Emma Homent, aka The Makers Marks, a needlepoint designer and craft connector. Her book, Needlepoint – A Modern Stitch Dictionary has over 100 creative stitch types and is a terrific addition to your stitching library.

We have a brilliant chat about all things needlepoint, about how licencing works and how to make good craft books. Emma’s passion for the subject and her enthusiastic support of other people is infectious, and I think you’ll really enjoy the conversation!

If you love Emma like we love Emma, you can read her posts in our Needlepoints of View column – once you’ve listened to the show, of course!

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*talking about himself in the third person again!

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