Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

NeSpoon is a visual artist from Poland.


“I was born in 2009. I create works that are somewhere in between street art, pottery, painting and sculpture.  I would like to make positive art and to deal with positive emotions. Sometimes, I also comment in my art  social and political issues that I consider important.

Nespoon - Fundão 2014

“Most of my work consist of prints of traditional laces, made in clay or painted on the walls.  They are hand made, by the folk artists.

Nespoon - Guanvi 1

“Why laces? Because in laces there is an aesthetic code, which is deeply embedded in every culture. In every lace we find symmetry, some kind of order and harmony, isn’t that what we all seek for instinctively?

Nespoon - Big Draw Nijmegen 2014 4


“Why street art? Because it gives freedom.”

Nespoon - New York 2013 2


I love this work so much. Lace is a magnificent craft that has a unique relationship with the environment. There are many regionally specific lace patterns; in the UK there are numerous towns that are known for their lace and the historic connections between lace and place are renowned.

Nespoon - Fundão 2014 1

But lace, like many crafts, is under-appreciated and the subtle but powerful connection is unknown to most people. NeSpoon provides a visible reminder of lace’s power by evoking warm patriotism in us, reminding us that we’re connected to our place in deeper ways that we realise.

Nespoon - Sinai 2

Not only is her work across many different media, the extent of Nespoon’s work is amazing. From the West Bank and Sinai to Brooklyn and Portugal, Nespoon has been weaving magic through her work in some profound and powerful ways.

Nespoon - Big Draw Nijmegen 2014


Her ability to find a space and make a piece of art that utterly enhances the environment is quite special. Every single picture on her site is stunning.

Nespoon - Big Draw Nijmegen 2014 3

Take five minutes out of your day to enjoy this film of the Scars intervention in Warsaw and Berlin.


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