Nibyniebo - Embroidery navy 3

Nibyiebo – Small Worlds

Thanks to Justyna “Nibyiebo” Wolodkiewicz for getting in touch to share her work. She is a mixed media artist from Szczecin, Poland.

Nibyiebo - Green Embroidery

“When you are an artist the things that matter are ideas, creative process and above all the message and self-experssion. That’s the source of my joy at least. I stubbornly play that game of art because it is the sense of my life. It is fulfilling and it is fun.

Nibyniebo - Embroidery navy 3

My brain was contaminated with art virus in the early childhood. I grew up with crayons and brushes and colorful paper. I can’t get rid of them, so I celebrate art. I do it despite life circumstances, discouragement and lack of income from artistic activity.”

Nibyniebo - Embroidery big blue 2

There’s a real charm about Justyna’s pieces, which take the playful medium of polymer clay and mix it with embroidery to create micro world and science-like images that poke the imagination. I’m reminded of school books, petri dishes and animation. And fun, lots of fun.

Nibyniebo - Embroidery blueie 1

They induce a smile and they’re a clever combination of two media that don’t often get to share much space with each other. Be sure to visit the Nibyniebo etsy store to check out more of her pieces. Tell her Mr X Stitch sent you!

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