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Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Over the next few weeks, the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge will be sharing the work of Nike Schroeder.

Nike Schroeder - Edgar Eduard Emma Herbst

Nike is an art therapist, illustrator and embroidery artist currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She uses needle and thread to create stylish, dynamic pieces of art.

Nike Schroeder - Edgar Eduard Emma Herbst

The works contained herein are from the Edgar Eduard Emma Herbst series. Here’s what Nike said about the works:

This series is an homage to a dear friend of mine and is called like him: Edgar Eduard Emma Herbst. It portraits him in his honest craziness and uncompromised truthfulness.

“I found that the adaption of the chaotic way the thread finds itself to develop painting like qualities very adequate to his personal character.”

Nike Schroeder - Edgar Eduard Emma Herbst

There are other images of Edgar in this series, but I love the pieces that provide variation on the same form. Not only do they provide a reflection of Nike’s technical prowess, but it’s a great way to explore expressions of an image. The use of trailing threads suggests energy and exuberance and you get a sense that Edgar is a swell guy to be around.

Nike Schroeder - Edgar Eduard Emma Herbst

You can find out more about Nike on her website, but be sure to check back here next week for more of her terrific work!


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