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She’s been quilting for 40 years, but textile artist Linda Parker of Parker Snowe Textile Arts is still full of surprises.

Based out of Helena, Montana, she’s built an impressive portfolio of traditional quilts, and even published a book, Montana Star Quilts, that mixes instructions for sewing the classic morning star quilt pattern with history and photos of its use among the Plains tribes.

Look around her collection a bit, and you’ll also find art quilts rich with freemotion machine embroidery — crafting an otherworldly atmosphere that’s dark and intense, unexpected and haunting.


Parker spent several years as a firefighter, and this epxerience has found its way into textile form, from patchwork ablaze with color to flickering stitches.


She took a request for a realistic poppy quilt as a challenge, and layered fabric, paint, and thread to create these stunning blooms.


Even a quilt on the more traditional side can disrupt expectations and make you look at patchwork with fresh eyes.


See more of Parker’s stunning work on Facebook and at her site,!

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