PUSH Stitchery – An Ideal Xmas Gift for Embroidery Fans!

  Mr X Stitch Book ReviewPUSH Stitchery - curated by Mr X Stitch! In the run up to the festive season, we thought we’d share some of our book reviews from the past, pointing out great embroidery and needlecraft books that you might want to get hold of! We’ve got affiliate links in the posts, so if you buy them from us you’re helping keep the site going – it’s a win win! If you’re after a gallery book for someone who loves embroidery, then PUSH Stitchery is the one for you. Curated by some wiseacre called Mr X Stitch, it features 30 fantastic artists from around the world who are doing amazing things with needle and thread. I might be biased, but when you’ve got a book that includes Bascom Hogue…
Bascom Hogue - Breathe - Redwork Embroidery
Bascom Hogue – Breathe – Redwork Embroidery
Emily Eibel…
Emily Eibel - Good Friends Society - Applique
Emily Eibel – Good Friends Society – Applique
And Joetta Maue…
Joetta Maue - Waking - 3D Textile
Joetta Maue – Waking – 3D Textile Installation
Among others, it’s got to be worth a look. As well as nice big pictures of the embroidered art, there are interviews with the artists. It’s a great collection of art and a good inspiration for anyone who is into textiles and needlework. Don’t believe me? Here’s a couple of reviews from Amazon: “A must for anyone studying embroidery or textiles, anyone who appreciates creativity or if you just want to up your crafty street cred pop this on your coffee table! Best buy over Christmas, a great gift….and i ended up having to get myself a copy, didn’t want to give it away.” “I came across this book at a friend’s studio and knew I just had to get a copy. I love to see the work of those who explore the boundaries and this book is full of artists working in stitch and fibre who challenge the accepted norm. The images are great and there is a wide variety of work on show. I highly recommend the book for anyone looking for inspiration to shake things up a bit. Also a great book to share with students being introduced to stitch in art…..so many people have set expectations of what is possible with fabric and stitch and this book helps them to see the possibilities!” So there ya go – it’s a great inspiration resource that’s a good addition to any art book collection. Click on the image below to be transported to your local Amazon store where you can buy many many copies of it! (The other books in the PUSH series – PaperJewelry and Print are equally awesome)