A Quilted Easter Bunny

A quilted Easter bunny

Easter Bunny


A heartfelt hello to everyone out there! I do not even know where to begin, or what the right words would be at a time like this. Everyone is going through their own struggles with this pandemic. But, at the same time we are all together in this, however we are experiencing it. My heart and soul goes out to those who are feeling the impact in a very personal way and to those out there working in the midst of this crisis. Much love to all of you, and to all of us!

I was uncertain about what to write for this month’s column although we all need some diversion. Quilting and and all the arts are a very serious form of release and many, if not all, quilting groups and organizations and individuals are making masks right now. I personally wanted to make masks but I have no idea where to send them as my region of the world is very remote and our hospitals seem fine. I live 14 miles from the nearest gas station so, again, I am rather remote.

I decided that I will just write this column on a design I created especially for this column. Easter is around the corner and I have been working on a project wherein I make stuffed animal patterns and then offer up tips for the sewer to be artistic and creative. Most of my patterns will be related to endangered mammals but for this column I made an Easter bunny. It is a simple pattern and comes together quick so you have time to make a couple if you want. I cannot go out and get my daughter any Easter things so I made this example bunny for her. (Her name is Lila and she is 38 and developmentally disabled so loves toys!!! and presents!). I know there are not many days until Easter but there is enough time to make this bunny!


Easter Bunny


This bunny can be a simple fabric project, or quilted as I did for this column! There are also added elements of embroidery. It literally can take just scraps you having lying around, or perhaps even some left over quilt block experiments you may have laying around. The bunny also has a front pocket where you can stick a little note or card or present within.


Easter Bunny back


The pattern and instructions are free and I will do a youtube on my further embellishment journey.


Easter Bunny


Again, I am at a loss for words and feel rather helpless in offering any assistance to those who need it. So I just wanted to do what I can, using my skill set, which is to be creative and maybe help others find their inner calming creative/artistic nature. Inspiration and hope are so important right now as we face this ordeal together! My love goes out to everyone. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Together.