Ruri Clarkson

Ruri Clarkson


Today we focus on the career of textile art designer Ruri Clarkson. This artist works as a visual artist who delves into feminist issues. They are translated and vocalised via illustrations and embroidery. She depicts fantastical scenes, fairytale visuals and motifs, often grounded in Chinese embroidery.

With illustrative works, translated into richly coloured embroidery and then ……the designs become wearable and often appear as fashion related items. It shows how textile art can be seen in a variety of circumstances – there are so many options.

What we loved

We particularly loved how this artist connected historical themes which she felt had become as if ‘in a darkened room’ and brought them to life – as a form of contemporary art!

ruri Clarkson 1
Chinese motifs

We loved the mix of vintage style materials, used as an embroidery surface. Many of us will have a collection of unused napkins and table decorations, which never get used as they are ‘too good’ to spoil – yet they could become so much more, as this artist showcases.

Fairytales as inspiration

As we mentioned, fairytale themes are also often observed….

Ruri Clarkson
Illustrations – Alice in Wonderland notions
Ruri Clarkson
Quotes from Alice in Wonderland with a modern twist

Chinese influence

The notes on Chinese influence are very prevalent throughout this artists career, note the fabric used in the photo example above.

With embroidery as a base, her designs have become ‘wearable embroidered art’. please do check out Clarksons website and instagram.

Her work has been described as ‘playful’ and ‘repurposed’; two terms which are super popular right now.

Ruri Clarkson
Look closer, the eyes are watching
Ruri Clarkson
Embroidery as useable items

Textiles in the big bad world

Many of us who work in the textile art field need to find a way of making a career from the art we create. Ruri Clarkson is a key example of success – how even traditional embroidery can have a role in contemporary art and fashion today.

Ruri Clarkson
Embroidered motifs mirrored onto wearable fashion items

This artist has forward vision – textile art which may only have been seen by a few at one exhibition can now be worn by many via her fashion collections.

Ruri Clarkson
Branding and advertising can even be connected with embroidery


So, what will Ruri Clarkson inspire you to do?

We also found this interview which really gave some more great insight into this artists world. Check it out! The ideas she has and the theme of the interview are interesting, the concept of ‘used but not displayed’. In other words, what are we hoarding which we could actually use within our own designs and textile art?

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