Sarah Payne's Quilt School New ways to start patchwork and quilting

Sarah Payne’s Quilt School

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I recently got the opportunity to get a look at Sarah Payne’s Quilt School: New ways to start patchwork and quilting. I have really enjoyed looking through this book and it even inspired me to make a table runner! With the holidays coming upon us I feel this book is perfect for anyone who wants to make some beautiful gifts that will not take weeks to make.

Sarah Payne's Quilt School New ways to start patchwork and quilting
The book!

The book is set up with good introduction information for anyone interested in starting to quilt and it also has information that can likely be helpful to people who are already familiar with patchwork and quilting. The pictures are wonderful and detailed.

In her Introduction she illustrates various tools and materials as well as basic techniques. Then with the different lessons there is additional material that speaks to those particular lessons.

Simply Squares bag

The lessons are broken down into types patchwork and quilting. There is a section on Squares, Triangles, Circles and then just basic scrap projects. In the section on squares the first project is a shopping bag which I love. Who doesn’t need more shopping bags!

Throughout this section there are several projects that are generally quick and easy. She also presents a beautiful and simple approach to the disappearing none-patch quilt which is really fun. She has many beautiful photos that take you through what different layouts will produce. I am going to have to play with that on my next project.


She moves on to triangles and, again, there are numerous wonderful photos of different projects. There is a little quilted purse, a pillow, a wall hanging, a quilt and then this little placemat that spoke to me.


While I have quilted for decades I am no expert and generally have used paper patterns. I have never utilized a ruler to make 60 degree triangles! I am sure everyone else knew this but I was excited. I even used that trick on a construction project I was working on! I changed her suggestion for size to accommodate a piece of furniture I have. I made mine narrower and longer. Then I hand quilted with black in my very simple primitive hand quilting style.

My placemat

With her section on circles she has that classic Drunkard’s path, which I always have loved. She provides a pillow pattern which is nice if someone wants to try simple circles. She demonstrates different ways to sew circles, with applique or sewing in, and has a beautiful circle quilt out of batiks.

Batik circle quilt

The last section is about scrap use and there is a wonderful scrap quilt, also pictured on the cover of the book. I love the elephant, which appears in many pictures throughout Payne’s work.

Elephant pillow

Overall I really enjoyed this book and found many fun and simple projects that have inspired me. I really think there is a little something for everyone in this book. There are quilted items someone can make in one day or items that may test your skills and teach you something new!

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