SarahMichelle Holt

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

SarahMichelle Holt is a mixed-media artist from Leicester.

SarahMichelle - Tattooed Couple #1
SarahMichelle – Tattooed Couple #1

“I graduated from the University of Southampton in Textile Art, since then I have concentrated my practice to focus on figurative painting and stitched compositions. My acrylic work is bold and has strong lines, it is mostly monochrome with the occasional highlight of colour. My subject matter is usually iconic figures or painting the subject matter in a way to make them appear Iconic.

SarahMichelle - Embroidered Tattoo #1
SarahMichelle – Embroidered Tattoo #1

“In my most recent collection I focused on heavily tattooed figures, I have embroidered the tattoos into the canvas creating unusual textural pieces that are visually enticing. I also create embroidered art pieces stitching onto card to create tactile interesting pieces that are unusual and unique.”

SarahMichelle - Embroidered Tattoo #7
SarahMichelle – Embroidered Tattoo #7

I’m really digging Sarah’s work. I like the high-contrast of the portraiture and the way the embroidery is used to augment the work and bring it to life. Her style is very fresh and does a great job of engaging people who might not think about embroidery this way.

SarahMichelle - Embroidered Tattoo Collection #6
SarahMichelle – Embroidered Tattoo Collection #6

I think Sarah’s onto a winner and I’ll be interested to see how her work develops over the years. One thing’s for sure, she’s a talent to keep an eye on.

SarahMichelle - Embroidered Tattoo #5
SarahMichelle – Embroidered Tattoo #5


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