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At Mr X Stitch we love to review textile art and embroidery books for you. There are so many great books to discover, packed with needlework inspiration and textile techniques, so we dive into each book to find out what’s good, what’s bad and let you know why you should pick it up.


Sew It Up: a modern manual of sewing techniques: A Modern Manual of Practical and Decorative Sewing Techniques by Ruth Singer.  Published by Kyle Books.

As the introduction says ‘Sewing is no longer the preserve of housewives. More and more people are making or customising their own clothes, curtains or accessories but few have been taught the basic sewing skills.’

In basic terms, it is designed to be a companion to our sewing days, with all the basics covered.  It is a sewing book giant, with 304 pages!

Who Is It Aimed At?

This book has been classed as easy to use, thus it is a great turn to for anyone interested in sewing .  Have a question?  Not sure how to pipe or even use a sewing machine?  This book explores it all.

About the artist

Her website tells us that she has been a practising artist for thirteen years.  She has a keen interest in historical textiles as well as the contemporary and has a Masters Degree in Museum Studies.  This wealth of knowledge spills into her writing.


Beautifully thick, its a case of where to start:

This is only a tiny section of what this book offers.

It is divided into certain sections, which makes it easier to find what we are looking for.

Book Review - Sew It Up
Templates, linked to the page number of the section they are linked to are pasted in.

What makes it special?

The main highlight surrounds the book as a whole.  It covers so many sections and so many topics.  It is certainly not one to devour all in one go, rather it is designed to be a durable companion for all our sewing days over the years to come.

There are a few things we really enjoyed individually:

Book Review - Sew It Up
All of us, no matter how experienced might query a certain fabric and its use. This guide really helps to identify what each one is for.

The way Singer presents the subject is really easy to follow and isn’t confusing.  Certain techniques are backed up with step by step plans:

Book Review - Sew It Up
The diagrams Singer provides are so clear and understandable.


This book certainly has not been made to sit as a coffee table pleaser.  It is a practical and educational guide.  However that does not mean that it lacks appeal and the aspect of visible temptation:

Book Review - Sew It Up
Even the front cover attracts us.
Book Review - Sew It Up
Although educational, there’s still a sense of fun. We love this little guy, pictured with his cheese!

What is wrong with the book?

This book has been designed to be more of a Stitch Bible.  So if you are not that into sewing or if you want more inspiration than advice, then this may not be the one for you.


Sew It Up: a modern manual of sewing techniques: A Modern Manual of Practical and Decorative Sewing Techniques by Ruth Singer.  Published by Kyle Books.  Use our link to get your copy right now!

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