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Today in “Lets Book” we are reviewing Sewing For The Soul: Simple Sewing Patterns and Recipes to Lift the Spirits written by Jules Fallon.


Throughout its 127 pages, Sewing For The Soul contains the perfect mix of dress-making patterns and great recipes for cakes and baked goods. A huge theme throughout and something Fallon explores in detail, is the soothing effects sewing and making can have on our physical and mental health.

About The Author

Jules Fallon is a well-known pattern designer, teacher, author and owner of the brand “Sew Me Something”. The brand is committed to creating “inclusive sewing patterns that are not only fashion forward with a nod to the classics but also wearable”.

For further insight into the artist and information on her courses, you can check out her Instagram.

Who Is This Book Aimed At?

The book is primarily aimed at those with an interest in dress-making. However, with sections related to cookery and well-being, this book is also for those with an interest in learning new crafts. It is the slow processes in the creation of something new that tie together the satisfaction of completing a new recipe and constructing your own tailor-made piece of clothing. If this is what you are looking for, this book is a must-have.


Sewing for the Soul is divided into four sections: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each section contains a seasonal mix of clothing and recipes. We begin with an Introduction offering us context into the benefits of “making something using your hands” this is before we’ve even got to the good part – the recipes and patterns!

Sewing for the Soul
An Introduction as to why sewing really is good for the soul

The world is a very different place in lockdown and with physical distancing a part of our every day, it’s important to keep our hands moving and working with tactile materials. Jules Fallon really pays attention to this, using the space and time brought with lockdown, to explore her relationship to her materials and surroundings

As explained, Sewing for the Soul includes a whole array of dress-making patterns, along with advice on the most appropriate fabrics to use. To make it nice and easy, you can purchase the appropriate fabrics directly from Jules’ online shop.

Sewing for the Soul
Materials description

Along with the fabrics and materials you’ll need and as seen below, there are helpful tables to aid measurements and step-by-step guides on how to work through your pattern.

Garment Sizes explained
Sewing For The Soul by Jules Fallon
Detailed “How to’s” like How to lay out your pattern pieces
Sewing For The Soul by Jules Fallon
A great pattern to make your very own shirt-dress
Sewing For The Soul by Jules Fallon
Embellish your garment with these Basic Embroidery Stitches

Photography and Layout

One thing that we love about the book is that it is divided into handy sections – who doesn’t love a bit of seasonal planning? This means that you’re set for every weather (handy if you’re like us and live in the UK)

Sewing For The Soul by Jules Fallon
Spring section

There is some expert photography throughout, channelling a Hygge vibe, in keeping with the calming and tactile properties of the patterns.

Sewing For The Soul by Jules Fallon

Along with the photography, there are some great design choices like this nice typography, clearly displaying each of the sections.

Sewing For The Soul by Jules Fallon
Expert typography leading us into a new section

What Makes This Book Special?

It has to be the mix of food and clothing – a warm feeling of home. Not only are we inspired to create (and repair) new things for ourselves, but we are inspired to create with the intention to share. Cooking and Textiles bring people together, both offer us self-expression and a meaningful way to pass time.

Sewing For The Soul by Jules Fallon
Cosy Textiles – What can you piece together to make something new?
Sewing For The Soul by Jules Fallon
Breathing new life into something old

Anything Wrong With The Book?

The only thing we’ll say is – don’t read if you’re hungry!

Sewing For The Soul by Jules Fallon
Cosy recipes that remind us of home


Amidst a pandemic, Jules Fallon shows us through Sewing for the Soul that not all has to be frozen in time, we have at our fingertips the ability to create and share something new, and it’s good for us too.

Sewing For The Soul, is Written by Jules Fallon and Published by David and Charles

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