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13 Mobile Apps for Stitchers – 2021 Edition

Mobile Apps for Stitchers

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There are a number of apps that will help you with the craft of cross stitch, there are a lot of apps that give you the chance to do cross stitch on your phone. It’s a curious phenomenon and if it makes people familiar with cross stitch, then that’s no bad thing, but we will actively encourage people to try the analog version of cross stitch (with a needle and thread) as a healthy pastime that doesn’t involve technology. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the best apps that support In Real Life cross stitching that are available on iOS and Android.

Free Android Apps for Stitchers

Cross Stitch Fabric Calculator by Goatella

This application helps cross stitchers determine what size fabric they need before starting a project. You enter your stitch count, the fabric thread count, and an optional border. You are then told what size fabric you will need for your project. Optionally, we also calculate the fabric size if you are stitching over two threads.

It is also available on iOS.





Crossty on Android

Crossty is amazing and powerful tool for cross stitchers intended to open XSD (Pattern Maker) and PAT (PCStitch) interactive pattern formats. Pan, zoom, highlight pattern elements by color and type, instant details of stitch color, type, strands, blend contents and mark stitched items.

With the Crossty you are able to:

  • Open interactive pattern file formats: Pattern Maker (XSD) and PCStitch (PAT)
  • Pan and zoom pattern without quality loss
  • Mark finished stitches and beads
  • Highlight or switch off selected items by type or color
  • Crop pattern
  • Change background color

Main key features of interactive cross stitching patterns:

  • Real-time cross stitching process statistics
  • Easy and comfortable getting details on selected element
  • Automatic conversion between different floss manufacturers

Crossty opens pattern from any internal or external storage or from Dropbox service. Crossty does not open JPG, PNG or PDF files and does not include any patterns.

StashCache by Geek Eclectic

Stash Cache on Android

Patterns. Threads. Fabric. Embellishments. All part of the cross stitching stash – especially when you accidentally buy something for the second time because you couldn’t remember if you had it on hand.

Enter StashCache. Written by a cross stitcher for cross stitchers, this app aims to help you keep track of what you own and what you need for your next pattern. Enter information directly into your phone or tablet, or type it up on your computer and import it! If you input the materials list for a pattern, you can mark it as kitted and the app will check your stash to see what supplies you don’t have on hand.

Of course, you can also keep track of when you started a project and what fabric that particular finish was on, as well as the substitutions you made. And your data is always yours! Easily export it as a human-readable text file for back-up or sharing. Export just the information for one pattern to share with fellow stitchers. A built in fabric calculator tells you what size fabric you need for the pattern, based on defaults you enter. The best part? It’s all free to you!

Give it a try and see if StashCache helps you keep track of what you have and need.

Free iOS Apps for Stitchers

Magic Needle: Cross-Stitch by Artem Shal

Magic Needle Cross Stitch on iOS

Do you want to embroider unique and highly-realistic pictures? Are you tired of boring and one-dimensional embroidery patterns? Make your own pattern for cross-stitching in three seconds! Magic Needle is a great opportunity to make a memorable gift for your family, friends or yourself! Magic Needle is simple to use:

  • Upload any image or photo
  • Choose the size of needlepoint you want to make, the brand of floss, and the number of colors you want to use.

Magic Needle makes a pattern and a summary page that has all the information about your project and materials you need:

  • Canvas type and size
  • Floss colors and numbers
  • Number of skeins of each color
  • Just get your materials and start embroidering – the picture will come to life with every stitch.

Use Magic Needle to start embroidering immediately:

  • Sensitive color selection makes your picture the most realistic.
  • See how the result would change depending on the floss brand you choose (different brands have different shades).
  • Pattern center is calculated and marked to help you start your work.
  • Zoom in to any part of the picture and see even the smallest details.
  • Built-in ruler to show the number of crosses needed.

Advanced settings:

  • Set the number of strands
  • Set fabric type and count
  • Add extra canvas
  • Inconvenient to embroider from the screen of your phone or tablet? Save the pattern to PDF format and print!

Magic Needle is designed to make you enjoy every embroidered cross.

Offers in-app purchases – 1 pattern for £2.99, 3 patterns for £5.99

Paid Android Apps for Stitchers

Cross Stitch Saga by Irina & Jaroslav – £18.99

Cross Stitch Saga on Android

The #1 mobile assistant of each and every advanced cross-stitcher. Created for easy reading and markup of cross-stitch patterns, to speed up the needlework process.
The application produces an interactive cross-stitch pattern from source files of pattern making programs:

  • Cross Stitch Professional Platinum (XSP)
  • Pattern Maker v.4 (XSD)
  • PC Stitch v.6-10 (PAT)
    Professional cross-stitch designers distribute protected pattern files:
  • Exported from the Cross Stitch Saga mobile application (SAGA)Note: the application doesn’t open patterns from pdf nor raster/vector file formats (jpeg, png, ai etc.).

Features and benefits:

  • The application opens an interactive pattern with the different configurations of stitch types (cross, half-cross, quarter cross, petit, oblong, backstitch, long stitch, french knot, decorative stitches) and beads.
  • The application is suitable for various methods of cross-stitching, such as “parking method”, “cross country method”, for complex patterns with backstitch, etc.
  • The application keeps a detailed calendar of cross-stitching statistics on your marks in the pattern.
  • The application supports the installation of additional user fonts.
  • The application works in both landscape and portrait orientation provided that auto-rotation is enabled on the device.
  • Add cross-stitch patterns of allowed file formats to the application from e-mail, website or via Dropbox cloud service
  • Use the built-in calculator to estimate materials (fabric, floss, and beads)
  • Mark what is already stitched (color up or erase) in a convenient way
  • Instantly navigate through the pattern, scale without loss of quality
  • Control the visibility of stitches on a pattern: highlight, isolate the necessary elements of the pattern, turn off the layers according to their types
  • Instantly get all the information about each pattern element (type, color, number of threads, blended floss content)
  • Customize the appearance of the pattern — set any color of the symbols, stitch fills, grids, background, diagonal and zigzag guides, borders and background of the isolated cross-stitch area, etc.
  • Set marks for “parked” floss on the pattern
  • Participate in cross-stitch competitions and marathons
  • Save the progress of the pattern marks on the Dropbox for safekeeping or later synchronization to other devices

Cross Stitch Thread Organizer by IsegrimStitches – £2.69

Cross Stitch Thread Organiser on Android

With Thread Organizer you are able to manage cross stitching threads of many different vendors. Always carry your whole collection info with you!
Track the progress of your projects: Assign threads, finish, or scrap them (the latter is what I usually do). The app will automatically track start and finishing date for you.
Easy to navigate and optimized for great speed.

  • Save the amount of different threads in your storage or add them to your shopping cart
  • Search for names or numbers or list only the threads you have in store (even multicolor!)
  • Manage your fabric
  • Manage your project progress
  • Find substitution threads with similar color with just one click
  • Calculate the final size of your piece and choose a matching frame from most standard frame sizes
  • Export and import data from csv

eCanvas for cross-stitch PRO by Sergey Polyakov – £2.99

ecanvas Pro for Android

The application contains a set of tools for cross stitch

  • creation pattern for embroidery from any image;
  • import pattern from applications “Pattern Maker for cross stitch”;
  • editing of the pattern;
  • easily view the scheme while embroidering with the ability to mark already embroidered stitches;
  • viewing of color maps;
  • visual color selection of threads from different palettes;
  • calculate size of the fabric;
  • export patterns in PDF.

Features of this version:

  • large size of the embroidery;
  • the ability to edit the pattern;
  • does not contain advertising.

There is also a free version – eCanvas for cross-stitch – which has reduced functionality.

XStitch Designer by Daniel Rodríguez Millán

XStitch Designer App for Android

With XStitch Designer you will be able to create your own cross stitch designs using your mobile device, and share it on Social Networks.
Reference colours from principal thread brands are included: JP Coats, DMC, Madeira, Anchor and Sullivans.

You can create designs starting from scratch; starting from a gallery image or even taking a photo with the camera! You will be able to save patterns to continue later. You can email the designs to yourself, and have a ready-to-print pattern to use it as a reference. You can even go social and share it! 

It’s perfect for all lovers of this kind of embroidery!


Paid iOS Apps for Stitchers

Cross Stitch Creator by Adam Evans

Cross Stitch Creator on iOS

Turn pictures of your favorite moments into beautiful cross stitch tapestries of almost any size! Cross Stitch Creator is an embroidery app that allows you to generate cross stitch patterns from pictures and track your progress on them. You can also save patterns to your photo library, print patterns directly from within the app, or share patterns with your friends as PDFs!


  • Generate cross stitch patterns from pictures up to 800 x 800 stitches
  • Use hundreds of different colors in a single pattern
  • 454 different DMC thread colors to choose from
  • Create your own color palettes to use for generating
  • Several generation parameters such as minimum number of stitches for each thread color and maximum number of colors allowed.
  • Track your progress on patterns (details below)
  • Save pictures of patterns to Photos
  • Print patterns from directly within the app
  • Share patterns as PDFs via Email, iMessage, and more
  • Help popups to guide you through using the app

Progress tracking features:

  • Colorize individual stitches to mark progress
  • Quick and easy symbol/color lookup
  • Lockable stitches
  • Sortable key
  • Pattern metadata such as size, date created, number of colors

StitchSketch by Mozusystems, LLC – £7.99

StitchSketch on iOS

Design your own chart for your craft project! StitchSketch was developed by a creator of the popular software program “KG-Chart for Cross Stitch”. This mobile version utilizes intuitive “touch” user interface of mobile devices.

Features include:

  • Design your own chart for craft works such as:
  • Cross Stitch (Crossstitch), Bead Weaving, Iron Beads (Perler(R) Beads), Knitting pattern, Color Knitting, Pixel Art, and more!
  • This is also suited for drawing “dotted” pictures (Pixel Art), such as icons in low resolution
  • Convert your photo into a chart
  • Draw chart with a symbol in a cell
  • Maximum chart size is 250 x 250
  • Pixel & Vector Drawing (Backstitch, Fractional Stitch, Hardanger)
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Generic color palette and Color Charts (palette) for: DMC(R), DFT, COSMO, Delica, Toho Best, Perler(R) Beads
  • Knitting Symbols (Amizu Kigou (JIS)) for designing knitting pattern
  • Rectangular cell size
  • Real view to simulate finished image
  • Undo / Redo
  • Drawing tools: Pencil, Rectangle, Ellipse, Flood Fill, Text
  • Selecting Tool: Selection and Cut/Copy/Paste/Rotate/Flip/Stamp
  • Edit colors and symbols
  • Save or Email a chart as native format or PNG image
  • Generate a chart in PDF for emailing or printing.
  • Organize charts with thumbnails
  • Support Dropbox

ThreadTracker 117 by Touch Screen Craft – £0.99

ThreadTracker 117 on iOS

Thread Tracker 117 is a simple application designed to help you keep track of your DMC Art 117 Threads, it features all 473 colours in the Article 117 range, including the new variegated range. The application allows you to set ‘ownership status’ of ‘Don’t own, Do own, On Bobbin and Need to Buy’ per thread. Each thread is presented sorted by Code, with the ability to view a detail page which tells you the number, the colour name, a sample of the colour, view and modify the ‘ownership status’ and view and adjust the amount you own/need to buy. 4 buttons down the bottom of the application allow you to easily filter out/in threads based upon ‘ownership status’, allowing you to view only the ones you need to buy, or own easily. A search feature allows you to find threads by their Code.

By setting the Mode on the threads you need to buy to “Need to buy” and then selecting “Don’t”, “Do” and “Bobbin” so they are in the deselected state, you will be left with a list of the threads you need to buy, hence forming a Shopping List.

There are two other versions of this app:

X-Stitch App by PerformTec Ltd – £2.49

13 Mobile Apps for Stitchers - 2021 Edition

X-Stitch is an easy-to-use app designed by cross stitchers for cross stitchers. X-Stitch includes Journal, Inventory and Shopping List modules.

The Journal lets you categorize and track all your projects, add photos, document the start and finish dates, and keep detailed project notes.

The Inventory module is a fast and fun way to manage your cross-stitch stash. Charts, threads and linen can be added with just a few clicks. Note: Chart details (names of chart, notes, etc.) are manually entered.

X-Stitch comes pre-loaded with hundreds of chart designers and over 10,000 thread selections that you can quickly and easily add to your inventory.

Use the Shopping List to prepare for your next trip to the needlework shop. And because X-Stitch uses Cloud technology, you can securely access your data from all your iPhone and iPad devices. No manual synching or duplicate typing!

Like to customize? X-Stitch lets you pick your favorite image for the Home Screen. Want to share? X-Stitch supports sharing via Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail, Text, and more!

X-Stitch Plus by PerformTec Ltd – £8.99 (Annual Subscription)

13 Mobile Apps for Stitchers - 2021 Edition

X-Stitch Plus is the best way to inventory and track all your cross stitch stash. This easy-to-use app was designed by cross stitchers for cross stitchers.

Track all your projects from wish list to finished using the Journal feature. Load up to 5 photos per project. Use the inventory to track all your threads, charts, linens and embellishments. Tens of thousands of threads are pre-loaded so you don’t have to type in details. Mill Hill beads are also pre-loaded so you can quickly add them to your inventory. Keep multiple photos for your charts and embellishments.

Use the fabric calculator to easily determine fabric dimensions in inches and centimeters. The shopping cart helps ensure you remember exactly what you need when you’re at the shop. And of course, these modules are interlinked so you can quickly share info between them, e.g., quickly create a Journal entry from one of your charts.

Want to share? X-Stitch Plus supports sharing via Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail, Text and more. Another key benefit of X-Stitch Plus is all your data is stored in the cloud. View and update your data from any of your devices and they’re all in sync. You can even access data from the original X-Stitch app. No need to reenter data. Check out the best cross stitch inventory app today with a 7-day free trial!

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