13 Mobile Apps for Stitchers!

Cross Stitched Samsung Galaxy SII cover by Sculpteo

Let’s face it, mobile technology is taking over the world, and in many ways, it’s good thing. I’m an Android user and my phone (as my girlfriend will attest) is an important tool in my day to day existence. I don’t know where I’d be without Evernote, Feedly, Hootsuite and some of the other apps I use to get stuff done.

While many people might think that there’s little connection between mobile tech and the world of stitch, they’d be wrong! There are an increasing number of mobile apps for stitch fans, and we’ve gathered together 13 of the best we could find for your perusal.

Note: this post focuses on iPhone apps and Android apps. If there are apps for Windows Mobile, we’d love to know about them!

Free Apps

Cross Stitch Fabric Calculator

Cross Stitch Fabric CalculatorThis application helps cross stitchers determine what size fabric they need before starting a project. You enter your stitch count, the fabric thread count, and an optional border. You are then told what size fabric you will need for your project. Optionally, we also calculate the fabric size if you are stitching over two threads.

The Cross Stitch Fabric Calculator app comes in free and paid (no adverts) versions and is available for Android and iPhone.

Paid Apps

A-Stitch Stitch Patterns

A-Stitch Stitch Patterns app

With A-Stitch you will be able to create your own cross stitch designs using your mobile device, and share it on Social Networks.

Reference colours from principal thread brands are included: JP Coats, DMC, Madeira, Anchor and Sullivans.

You can create designs starting from scratch; starting from a gallery image or even taking a photo with the camera! You will be able to save designs to continue later. You can email the designs to yourself, and have a ready-to-print pattern to use it as a reference. You can even go social and share it!

A-Stitch Stitch Patterns is available for Android.

Cross Stitch HD

Cross Stitch HD for iPhone

– No magnifier needed! Zoom in as far as you like for comfortable stitch counting; zoom back out again to get the big picture.

– Reduce counting errors by highlighting your current floss color! Simply tap the color you are working with and Cross Stitch HD will highlight that floss for you, making it easier to count and stitch more efficiently.

– No confusing symbols or constantly referring back to a color table! Cross Stitch HD puts the DMC code directly inside each highlighted stitch square in the chart.

– No seams between pages! The scrollable map-like interface reduces errors caused by breaking patterns across physical pieces of paper.

– Choose from nearly 100 sample patterns in 7 categories. Cross Stitch HD includes a broad range of sizes and complexities.

– Create your own patterns by loading images saved on your iPad — use your own photos or clip art you have found on the internet.

Cross Stitch HD is available for iPad.

Cross-stitch Thread Converter

Cross-stitch Thread Converter“The cross stitch thread converter is a simple application that allows you to convert between Anchor and DMC thread codes.”

Cross-stitch Thread Converter is available for Android.



Crossty is amazing and powerful tool for cross stitchers intended to open XSD (Pattern Maker) and PAT (PCStitch) interactive pattern formats. Pan, zoom, highlight pattern elements by color and type, instant details of stitch color, type, strands, blend contents and mark stitched items.

With the Crossty you are able to:

– Open interactive pattern file formats: Pattern Maker (XSD) and PCStitch (PAT)
– Pan and zoom pattern without quality loss
– Mark finished stitches and beads
– Highlight or switch off selected items by type or color
– Crop pattern
– Change background color

Main key features of interactive cross stitching patterns:

– Real-time cross stitching process statistics
– Easy and comfortable getting details on selected element
– Automatic conversion between different floss manufacturers

Crossty opens pattern from any internal or external storage or from Dropbox service.

Crossty does not open JPG, PNG or PDF files and does not include any patterns.

Crossty is available for Android.

Floss Checklist

Floss ChecklistAn easy to use checklist for keeping track of your DMC quilting, embroidery, and cross stitching floss and thread inventory! Manage your shopping list based on setting the “Need” button on the checklist screen. Also this app now includes a canvas size calculator!

Input the number of stitches for each dimension, the number of stitches per inch, the border and it will calculate how big the canvas should be!


– Export your floss into Stitcher’s Helper as project items!

– Keep track of how many of a certain floss you have. Mark a floss as “need” so it shows up on the Shopping List screen.

– Filter a floss list by color number or color for easy finding. (textbox at bottom of checklist screen)

– Sort a floss list by color number or color. (hit menu button on checklist screen)

Floss Checklist is available for Android.

eCanvas for cross-stitch PRO

eCanvas for cross-stitch

The application contains a set of tools for cross stitch:
– creation pattern for embroidery from any image;
– import pattern from applications “Pattern Maker for cross stitch”;
– editing of the pattern;
– easily view the scheme while embroidering with the ability to mark already embroidered stitches;
– viewing of color maps;
– visual color selection of threads from different palettes;
– calculate size of the fabric;
– export patterns in PDF.

Features of this version:
– large size of the embroidery;
– the ability to edit the pattern;
– does not contain advertising.

eCanvas for cross-stitch PRO is available for Android. There is a free version –  “eCanvas for cross-stitch” – which has reduced functionality.


Stitcher’s Helper

Stitcher's Helper

A tool for helping all sorts of crafters track their stitching, quilting, knitting, cross-stitching, embroidery projects and quilt projects! Use calculators, attach images and calculations to projects, track a shopping list: All on your phone!

Stitcher’s Helper is available for Android.

The Cross Stitch Guild application

The Cross Stitch Guild App for Android and iPhone

Really useful stitching tools include:

  • * Shade cards for Madeira, DMC and Anchor — check list for personal stock and those you need to buy.

* Colour converter for changing thread: brands and seeing colour equivalents.

* Stitch count calculator. Work out how much fabric you need.

* Stitch Library with details of how to create a whole host of stitch types, including clear diagrams.

* Dedicated areas to record your fabrics, special threads, books, kits and UFOs (Unfinished objects).

* See Jane Greenoff’s stitching journal and get her tip of the day, Twitter and Facebook entries.

The Cross Stitch Guild app is available for Android and iPhone.

The Judith Baker Montano Embroidery Stitch App

The Judith Montano Embroidery Stitch App for Android

The Judith Baker Montano Embroidery Stitch App, Vol. 1 for beginners is packed with over 60 basic embroidery stitches such as the backstitch, chain stitch, satin stitch and the lazy daisy. You ll also learn 10 combination stitches, along with handy tips for choosing needles, tools and fabrics for your embellishing projects. Over 20 minutes of video showcasing Judith’s expert techniques. You’ll be a master embroiderer in no time!!

There are also Vols 2 & 3 of this app which cover increasingly complicated stitches. Get them for Android or iPhone.

The Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool

Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool

This application features rotary-cutting directions for over 500 options for making traditional quilt blocks, plus bonus reference tables every quilter needs.

The Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool is so useful, versatile, and portable, you ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

102 most-popular pieced blocks in 5 sizes each, with design details and construction diagrams

Find cutting instructions at your fingertips with our quick and easy rotary-cutting charts and indexes in the Guide Section!

Helpful reference tables, such as yardage requirements, diagonal measurements, and more

The Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool is available for Android and iPhone.


ThreadTracker for iPhone

Thread Tracker 117 is a simple application designed to help you keep track of your DMC Art 117 Threads, it features all 473 colours in the Article 117 range, including the new variegated range. The application allows you to set ‘ownership status’ of ‘Don’t own, Do own, On Bobbin and Need to Buy’ per thread. Each thread is presented sorted by Code, with the ability to view a detail page which tells you the number, the colour name, a sample of the colour, view and modify the ‘ownership status’ and view and adjust the amount you own/need to buy. 4 buttons down the bottom of the application allow you to easily filter out/in threads based upon ‘ownership status’, allowing you to view only the ones you need to buy, or own easily. A search feature allows you to find threads by their Code.

By setting the Mode on the threads you need to buy to “Need to buy” and then selecting “Don’t”, “Do” and “Bobbin” so they are in the deselected state, you will be left with a list of the threads you need to buy, hence forming a Shopping List.

ThreadTracker is available for iPhone and iPad.


X Stitch iPad app

You can create your own cross stitch pattern using an existing image, or try one of the preloaded patterns. When creating your pattern, you can control the size of the pattern, including the stitch count of your aida cloth. You can even set a limit on the number of colors to be used in the pattern to help control the complexity of the pattern. These features allow you to quickly create multiple patterns for an image to choose the one you like the best!

Once a pattern has been created and selected, tag each stitch as it is completed to track your progress. Use the zoom feature to work on a section of the pattern more easily. When working with a specific color, highlight that color within the pattern to make it easier to complete.

At any time, view your progress to compare to the actual cross stitch, or take a look at what the finished product will look like. The application will also help in the tracking of your thread inventory.

X-Stitch is available for the iPad.


If you like cross stitch and want some great designs to stitch, then XStitch Magazine is what you need! It’s a cross stitch magazine for a modern world, produced by Mr X Stitch and featuring designs from the best in the biz! Subscribe to this quarterly mag and save 10% of the cover price!

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26 thoughts on “13 Mobile Apps for Stitchers!

  • I had no idea about all these apps. Thanks for a great round up, I’m sharing this post with all my Stitchy friends. 🙂

  • I’ve been using ThreadTracker for some time now and think it’s great!

  • These are great! Thanks!

  • I’m going to check these out 🙂 I have had a couple pixel/stitch apps, but the ended up being not useful or too limited unless you purchased something. (They’re not on this list)

    • I didn’t include all the apps I found online, but many of them seemed to do the same thing as the ones listed, but for more money.

  • I can recommend the free Robert Kaufman quilting calculator on Android – works out how much fabric is needed for binding and backing, and calculations for half and quarter square triangles.

  • I love the look of the book, it would be incredibly useful.

  • I’m currently in the process of setting up a little business to get my cross stitchyness to work for me. I have just downloaded the Cross Stitch Guild app., and I’m already looking forward to my next shopping trip, so I can input the skeins as I buy them! Thanks for the info!

  • Is there any app that I could upload a pattern I already have into? Being able to zoom in on the current chart I’m working on would be so much better for my eyes. Hubby had this thought that there is probably an app that I could then also highlight the stitches I’ve done, ’cause that’s how I roll.

    • I’ve printed patterns to PDF and then viewed them on my phone before. You can get good zoomability, but I don’t know about marking stitches off…

      • there is software called GIMP, which is for artists etc, and I’ve found if I scan a pattern page you can highlight the stitched portions using what is effectively a virtual highlighter. One caveat though, its HUGE in terms of space (as it does so much more than what I’ve described). I think you can download a free version.

  • Good Reader is a good app to download to view your patterns on pdf. You can highlight sections its awesome, but you have to pay for it. I think its $4.99.

  • I downloaded and paid for cross stitch HD but it was a complete waste of money! The patterns I loaded from my Ipad which were PDF files of actual cross stitch patterns were blurry and unreadeable! I certainly will not recommend it!

  • Looking for an app like floss checklist for machine embroidery thread. I want to be able to enter the thread I have in different brands: Sulky, Madeira, Robinson-Anton, Coats & Clark. When I’m at the store and pick up a thread color, I want to type in the thread # and it will tell me if I have that color in any brand.

    • That’s quite a good idea for an app. Maybe it’s worth contacting the Floss Checklist people and seeing if they can expand their range. 🙂

    • I would like this too. Does anybody know if there is anything available

  • If you’re a Windows 8.1 user here are a couple of apps:

    Fabric Calculator (Free – no ads!)

    My Cross Stitch Tracker (15 day trial – no ads!)

    If you’re a Windows Phone 8 user:

    Fabric Calculator (Free – no ads!)

    – I’m the author of these apps. There’s not much in the Windows store for Cross Stitch so hopefully they will generate more development by others?

  • Great list of cross stich apps! We recently created a new app call X-Stitch App to help cross sticthers track the progress of the projects, keep an inventory of their thread, charts and kits, and make note of items they need with a shopping list. X-Stitch App works on iPhone and iPad. Please take a look at http://www.xstitchapp.com for more details.

  • I am starting to use pdf charts and I have seen stitchers use good reader to mark their charts. Does anyone know if there is an android version?

  • I would also suggest a new addition, stitchguild.com available on Amazon App store and also as a web site for iphone and tablets.
    The app has 200+ animated stitch designs – free access!

  • I am looking for an app to help design things likes poems with numerous fonts and stitch counts and small special drawings to transpose to crossstitch ….

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