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Welcome to the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge - the best textile art in the world

Welcome to the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge, where we showcase people whose embroidered creativity is fresh and new!

Shaun Kardinal is a mixed-media artist from Seattle, USA. He does a bit of everything, but we’ll focus on his embroidered images.

Shaun Kardinal - A New Playground - embroidered postcard
Shaun Kardinal – A New Playground (2010)

I enjoy creating, curating and contemplating visual arts, music and websites (when I’m not obsessing over long-format television shows and books).

Shaun Kardinal - Near Oregon City - embroidered postcard
Shaun Kardinal – Near Oregon City – (2010)

“I am constantly inspired by, frustrated with, raving about, and occasionally crushed by the work around me.

Shaun Kardinal - Moon No 1 - embroidered postcard
Shaun Kardinal – Moon No 1 (2011)

“I cannot see enough of it. I must always hear more of it. Even when I’ve worn myself out of it.”

Shaun Kardinal - Misspent Youth - embroidered glyph
Shaun Kardinal – Misspent Youth (2010)

We’ve featured artists who stitch on photos before – Stacey Page and Jessica Wohl spring to mind. Shaun’s work on postcards reconstructs nostalgia, giving it a fresh perspective and a modern twist while retaining the spirit of the age.

Shaun Kardinal - Intertwined
Shaun Kardinal – Intertwined (2011)

His other embroidered pieces play with the form, using thread to stretch at constraints and to energise images. Easy to engage with and super cool, I like Shaun’s work and enjoy seeing his new pieces as they arrive.

Shaun Kardinal 500/500 (2011)
Shaun Kardinal 500/500 (2011)

You can follow Shaun on his blog and bask in his creativity. His work evolves as he finds new forms with his threads and it’s a constant pleasure to watch his woven worlds appear.

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