Shaun Kardinal - Three Dimensions Past (2019)

The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Shaun Kardinal

Shaun Kardinal is a mixed-media artist from Seattle, USA. He does a bit of everything, but we’ll focus on his embroidered images.

Shaun Kardinal - A New Playground - embroidered postcard
Shaun Kardinal – A New Playground (2010)

I enjoy creating, curating and contemplating visual arts, music and websites (when I’m not obsessing over long-format television shows and books).

Shaun Kardinal - Near Oregon City - embroidered postcard
Shaun Kardinal – Near Oregon City – (2010)

“I am constantly inspired by, frustrated with, raving about, and occasionally crushed by the work around me.

Shaun Kardinal - Moon No 1 - embroidered postcard
Shaun Kardinal – Moon No 1 (2011)

“I cannot see enough of it. I must always hear more of it. Even when I’ve worn myself out of it.”

Shaun Kardinal - Misspent Youth - embroidered glyph
Shaun Kardinal – Misspent Youth (2010)

We’ve featured artists who stitch on photos before – Stacey Page and Jessica Wohl spring to mind. Shaun’s work on postcards reconstructs nostalgia, giving it a fresh perspective and a modern twist while retaining the spirit of the age.

Shaun Kardinal - Intertwined
Shaun Kardinal – Intertwined (2011)

His other embroidered pieces play with the form, using thread to stretch at constraints and to energise images. Easy to engage with and super cool, I like Shaun’s work and enjoy seeing his new pieces as they arrive.

Shaun Kardinal 500/500 (2011)
Shaun Kardinal 500/500 (2011)

We’ve got another interview with Shaun here, and you can follow him on Instagram to bask in his creativity. His work evolves as he finds new forms with his threads and it’s a constant pleasure to watch his woven worlds appear.

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