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Sonja Bäumel - Visible Membrane
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Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Sonja Bäumel works across various disciplines including art, design, fashion and biological practice. 

The interest in Sonja’s ongoing research and creative process lies in the human body and the unexpected diversity of the “human ecosystem”, in its ‘social network’ and in our changing perspective on the human body.  Check this out:

Sonja Bäumel - Visible Membrane

Knitted human form, her version of skin as a layer.

She uses multiple techniques, including knitting and crocheting, in a contemporary form:

Sonja Bäumel - Crocheted Membrane

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Ema Shin - Soft Alchemy (My Pelvic Bone) - (2018)

Having that knowledge of science makes her look at things differently, making for the weird and wonderful work produced.

See more of Sonia Bäumel’s work on her website.

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