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Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Sophie Strong is an embroidery artist from the UK.

Sophie Strong - March 2013 Necklace - Machine Embroidery

“My embroidery subject is based on humanity, and extreme emotional circumstances. So many of my embroideries are of countries of conflict or oppressive government.

Sophie Strong - March 2013 Necklace - Machine Embroidery (detail)

“The images are drawing based from photography used in newspapers. Without these photographers these embroideries would not exist.I enjoy creating new images using new composition, specific sections and altering the original colours. The pieces record specific, significant events in time.

Sophie Strong - Candlelight Protest - Machine Embroidery

“I used embroidery rather than a standard drawing material as I feel embroidery has more of a life line, and a sculptural element to it. I was originally trained as a sculptor, rather than being from textiles background.”

Sophie Strong - Candlelight Protest - Machine Embroidery (detail)

Sophie has made a bold start with her portfolio. The illustrative style of machine embroidery works perfectly with the content, evoking the graphic novels of Joe Sacco and Harvey Pekar.

Sophie Strong - Anal Gul & Grandson - Machine Embroidery (detail)

There’s a real rawness to the work, and the colour bleeding adds to the effect. It feels like this work could have been made in the places it documents.

Sophie Strong - March 2013 Necklace - Machine Embroidery (detail)

It’s early days for Sophie, and I’m looking forward to seeing how her body of work grows and evolves. Visit Sophie’s website to connect with her.


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