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Spool of Thread Free Motion Embroidery Kit

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Today we review the Spool of Thread Free Motion Embroidery kit by Stitched Up By Samantha aka Sam Molloy.

The beautiful kit design

Free motion embroidery is really fun. It’s the art of making pictures by using your sewing machine with the feed dogs down and a darning foot attached to draw any kind of shapes you desire. The world is your oyster! Sam creates amazing works of art from Bowie to landscapes.

Spool of Thread Free Motion Embroidery Kit
Just a few of Sam’s amazing portraits

I was lucky enough to have a lesson from Sam a few years ago and attend a few of her classes since then. This kit is advertised as a “workshop in a box” and that’s exactly what it is. The kit contains all the fabric you need for the project – in fact twice as much as you need for the spool so you can pick your favourite – Bondaweb, the hoop to frame it in, the cute heart button, metallic threads for the needle and pin and instructions. And the spool fabric enclosed is all gorgeous Liberty print.

Spool of Thread Free Motion Embroidery Kit
An amazing array of contents in the pack, including fabric colour choices

The instructions provided with the kit are brilliantly detailed and contain photographs to show you step by step how to put the kit together. It’s like having Sam right there with you all the way. She even explained things so well that I didn’t cock up the Bondaweb, which I have a real phobia of!

Spool of Thread Free Motion Embroidery Kit
Well thought out instructions

It had been quite a while since I had done any free motion, and before that I had only made a few pieces, so this was a proper challenge for me. I found it a really fun project. I even had a lovely cup of tea as I sewed thanks to Sam enclosing a tea bag in the kit too!

Spool of Thread Free Motion Embroidery Kit
Cuteness overload!

The attention to deal in this kit is top notch. From the beautiful envelope it is packaged in, to the tea bag gift with a note attached, to the neatly packed contents, to the beautiful way it was wrapped on arrival.

Spool of Thread Free Motion Embroidery Kit
Who wouldn’t want to receive this in the “happy post”

I spent a lovely relaxing afternoon putting this kit together. The instructions guide you through the process really well and it worked perfectly. Here is my finished kit.

Spool of Thread Free Motion Embroidery Kit
My finished product – I can’t wait to hang it up!

The Spool of Thread Free Motion Embroidery kit retails at £15 including postage on Etsy and if you don’t fancy stitching it yourself you can buy a fully made up version of the kit for £16 including postage. Sam also sells kits to sew up free motion portraits of David Bowie and Adam Ant to name but a few, as well as cards, pouches and lots of other items. You can find her Etsy shop here and read more about her and her “Adventures in Free Motion Embroidery” on her website and enjoy her Instagram here.

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