Kavaljit Kaur Padda

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Location: Maharashta State

Featured Places: Maharashta State


My hand embroidery artwork comprises of three elements showcasing my journey so far. Here’s the story:

The Empowering Cascades

I’ve lived most of my childhood right at the foothills of the Sahyadri mountain range in a quaint little town called Khopoli. Every monsoon, I witnessed about 40 waterfalls right out of my window, that would transform the hills once covered with tall dry grass, into varied hues of green. It made me realise over the years, how these cascades and the changing landscapes around them, signified the paradox in permanence of form despite the change in its state. I believe that our spirits expand when exposed to something that is way more spiritually potent that we are. In a way, I attribute my inner strength and resolve to the mighty cascades that I grew up around.

Art Description: Water falls and hill superimposed within a raised fist.

Style of stitching: Back stitch, satin stitch, French knots, sequin work, and beadwork.

The Perpetual Support

I moved into Mumbai, the financial capital of India, with a pocket full of dreams, some big, some small. A corporate job in a multinational corporation was indeed a life changing experience for a small-town girl like me. The sheer maddening pace and the stifling mass of people of this city cannot be better encapsulated than the scenes inside the suburban commuter trains (often called the lifeline of this city). Having travelled extensively on these trains, my artwork focusses on the pivoted grab handles, which provide support, in the physical sense, to people from all walks of life, at most times in greater capacity than these are designed to. This notion also stands true to the city of Mumbai, which embraces more and more people each day. As it did embrace and support me when I decided to dive right into the realm of creative business ownership with Kaur Embroidery.

Art Description: Multiple hands holding onto two pivoted grab handles inside a suburban commuter train.

Style of stitching: Back stitch, long and short stitch, and satin stitch.

The Everlasting Promise

I HAD to incorporate one of the most special moments of my life into this artwork. The ultimate witness to our union was Agni, the fire god of Hinduism and one of the main rituals called Saptapadi or the seven steps were taken by my husband and I around the holy fire. As we walked around the fire, we poured handfuls of puffed rice into the brightly burning fire as a sacred offering, wishing for prosperity and proliferation of both the families. My husband has been my companion, my friend, a stable and secure individual who I can lean on, trust, and depend on to help me through life. He has always been the wind beneath my wings, ever since I have taken a flight into the world of hand embroidery.

Art Description: Two hands (my husband’s and mine) pouring a handful of puffed rice as part of a ritual. The concentric circles on the top left are a symbolic depiction of the Saptapadi ritual – my husband and I are shown as the larger concentric circles, while the seven steps are represented by the smaller concentric circles.

Style of stitching: Back stitch.