Aran Illingworth

UK flag

Location: Offord d’Arcy

Featured Places: England, Malaysia


My Journey

My story is about my travels. When I was 21, I left home and came to England to train as a nurse. I didn’t intend to stay. All I wanted to do was to complete my training course, do some travelling around Europe and then simply return home.

Before coming here, I imagined that life would be no different – but the reality was different.

The weather was cold and work was hard. It was a different kind of life from the one I had known at home in Malaysia. The challenges that I encountered in adapting to a new life in a new country were far removed from anything I had expected or imagined.

I was intensely homesick, and the only thing that kept me going was travelling. I went home frequently to Malaysia. But gradually, I started to make good friends along my journey. Then my parents passed away and some years later I got married. I had my son and left nursing to pursue my ambition to establish myself as a textile artist. That’s how it happened that I decided to make the UK my home.