Rhianna Robinson

UK flag

Location: Newport

Featured Places: Wales


I’m half Welsh, and half English, although I’ve only felt connected to my Welsh heritage up in Wales, within an hour’s drive of where generations of my ancestors lived, worked and died. I’ve competed in eisteddfods – celebrations of language, and culture – and I’ve represented my country on international stages.

However, when I moved to London to go to university, it sometimes made me feel isolated. I didn’t meet a single other Welsh person for an entire year and it made me long for the community I’d left behind. It made me cling to my culture, learning more than I’d ever known before, becoming ever more fiercely proud of my country, my history and everything we’ve persevered through as a country.

I’m grateful every day to have been born Welsh and to know what it is to be born with the privilege of music in my heart, poetry in my soul, fire in my blood and pride in my veins.