Summertime Felt

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Summertime is still here! The sun is shining (we hope), the weather is hot (we also hope), and thoughts naturally turn to the beach, pool parties, and ice cold treats. Here is some fun summer felt that’s sure to brighten your day, even if you have not had the away holiday you were hoping for…..

Where possible, we have added links to the artists pages so you can find out more about their work and techniques in needle felting. This column is really a visual showcase, here to tempt you to have a go yourself.

Hestia’s Nest

Who could not like a floaty panda?

A dog in costume? Totally


This artist, as illustrated below gives us friendly fruit; oh so tempting on that hot summers day….

Wild Things Maine

What did you spot on your costal adventure? These birds are pretty common, but the artist has done such a good job to make them realistic.

A little bit different, we love these creatures with little button noses. Love the colours too and the beady eyes mixed with the odd bikini….

Kit Lane

Kit Lane
Kit Lane
Kit lane


Natalya Gorshkova

For those of us who are cat obsessed, these beauties along with the backgrounds are just instagram-worthy.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s column. Thanks as always for reading!

What Technique Is This?

Needle Felting is the process of using a notched or “barbed” needle to compress layers of wool into denser felt that can be manipulated to create 3D sculptures. It is different to wet felting, which uses water to combine wool fibres, and these days there are a range of felting tools available that can enable you to make your own soft sculptures with ease!

Want Some More Needle Felting Inspiration?