Mini Ladybird by Titch Stitch!

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Welcome to another Tooled Up column where we aim to give you reviews of fun products from all over the crafty world. Today we review the Mini Ladybird kit from Titch Stitch .

To start with this arrived at my house beautifully packaged in some beautiful golden paper which is always a lovely way to start any crafty project. And under that was a wonderful box full of goodies…

The kit listing on Etsy and all the goodies I received

The kit is listed on Etsy at £12.50 with free UK delivery and has lots of five star reviews. It is described as, “A three colour chunky cross stitch kit perfect for crafternoons with a cuppa and cake.” I mean, who can resist that. It’s our dream day isn’t it! It continues, “This adorable ladybird is worked in full cross stitch on plastic canvas.”

Mini Ladybird by Titch Stitch!
My favourite type of stitchy canvas!

I love stitching on plastic. It’s my favourite. But where I would usually be stitching on 14 count plastic, this project uses a larger size hole so you can use the beautiful high quality Appletons tapestry wool which comes with it. You know the way you get wool in some kits which seems to have bits come up which get right up your nose? Not in this kit, this wool was a pleasure to use.

Mini Ladybird by Titch Stitch!
How gorgeous are these!

And Titch Stitch are very generous with the wool provided with the kit as well. There was certainly no fear of running out, but the instructions clearly state that if you do find yourself running short or need any help you can email them and they will help you out. The customer service from Titch Stitch is great.

Mini Ladybird by Titch Stitch!
Safely delivered needle!

As you can see above, even the needle was even thoughtfully packaged on a card securely fastened by a Titch sticker. And a sticker which does not leave your needle sticky for days as well, that’s an important thing a lot of shop owners don’t consider when putting kits together!

The instructions that come with the kit are great. The pattern grid is extremely clear and easy to follow, and on the back of the pattern you get clear images and instructions on how to complete the kit.

I was lucky enough to have some amazing weather when I was completing this kit. I was able to sit outside with ladybirds flying around me – I’m sure they were trying to get a look at the portrait of one of them I was doing.

It was a really fun project and a very transportable one as you don’t have too much stuff to keep track of. I think it would appeal to stitchers of all ages and skill levels too. A really fun project.

Mini Ladybird by Titch Stitch!
My finished Mini Ladybird! How cute is this guy? Hee hee.

Titch Stitch has an Etsy shop which features this kit and a bumble bee one the same size. They would make a lovely pair framed up together. There are also some lovely larger cushion kits with ladybirds and bees on them, and needle minders too!

For more information on Titch Stitch, you can follow them on Instagram here and on Etsy here. There is a direct link to the lovely ladybird kit I made here.

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