Susan Sorrell - Pomegranate Salad - Hand Embroidery

Susan Sorrell | Modern Beadwork

Susan Sorrell, also known as CreativeChick, is a mixed media artist from South Carolina.

Susan Sorrell - Self Portrait

She creates fibre art that mixes different techniques with exciting effects.

Susan Sorrell - Pomegranate Salad

Painted fabrics, beading, applique, hand embroidery; Susan’s work takes these disciplines and mashes them up. Her enthusiasm for the art form vibrates throughout every piece she makes.

Susan Sorrell - Louie's Dog

Susan’s artwork has won her several awards and scholarships over the years and she actively engages in sharing her skills with her community through Open Studio events. Having spent time exploring her websites and blogs I have massive admiration for her creative output.

Susan Sorrell - Floral Frenzy

It’s clear that Susan is technically adept – these mixed media pieces are an assault on the senses (in a very positive sense) and each one merits close investigation. The sense of fun exudes throughout all the pieces and brings a smile to the face.

Susan Sorrell - Confusion

If you want to see more of her work, and I would advise that you do, you can see her blog and her Flickr photostream and you can buy her work from her shop. Fantastic!

And thanks to Victoria for sharing Susan’s magnificence with us!

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