Book Review – A Textile Travelers Guide to Guatemala

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A Textile Travelers Guide to Guatamala by Deborah Chandler

Published by Thrums Books

  Okay, so right now most of us can’t get very far due to the current world climate and the need for isolation.  So we thought we would review a book that discusses travel – a little bit of hope for when we get out of this time period!  What we want to know is – will you be up for a holiday to Guatemala?  Check out this book and find out if it is for you…….


We learn… The vibrant character of Guatemala is most visible in its handwoven textiles, which are still in everyday use and readily available in native markets all over the country. A Textile Traveller’s Guide to Guatemala is an excellent resource for discovering artisans, markets, shops, and those storied regional textile traditions. Geared to independent-minded travellers, this guide presents the safest and most accessible methods of travel, where and when to go, where to stay, and what to eat. Expert advice helps the traveller know what to look for, how to distinguish high-quality work, and how to bargain intelligently and ethically. With abundant photographs, this guide celebrates the colour, joy, and energy of folklife in Guatemala.

Who is it aimed at?

Those who wish to visit or who would love to but cannot – this is a way of viewing the place on the cheap!

About the author

Deborah Chandler is the creator and director of Weaving Futures, where she has had the pleasure and honor of working with many Mayan weavers. She leads cultural tours to communities in the Guatemalan Highlands, with a focus on indigenous artisans and their work. She is the author of Learning to Weave and Traditional Weavers of Guatemala. She lives in Guatemala City.  This makes her the ideal person to give advice as she has on site experience.


This is very much a travel guide as well an a Textile companion.  Note how it delves into subject matter such as Transportation and even notes before we arrive:
Contents in brief….note how there is sections on each individual location within Guatemala.
This publication endeavours to give us a real education on the place before we go!
Okay, so we can’t all get there, but what this book does is really make us feel as if we are experiencing it for real.  The colour and pattern aspects look amazing:   There is so much to be inspired by, take the flowers, the buildings and the traditional objects as just a taster.


If you are pattern and colour obsessed, this should really excite you.  There are no ‘how to’ projects in this publication, it is really about the place and what you might find.  Traditional and historical elements hold weight in this book, we can examine the tactile cloths made, simply by reading the book.
The imagery is vibrant, showing off all the clever woven patterns made.

What makes this book special?

It is not often that a travel guide and a textile guide come together as one – so this has a unique angle which will be great for those who are thinking of traveling there.  Even if we can’t right now, there is nothing wrong with planning!
All the things you can learn about.
We even learn about the languages spoken in the area and when to visit for events and festivals.

Anything wrong with the book?

If you are not inspired by travel, then this may bore you.  However you may still enjoy the actual Textile techniques which make up the work seen within the book, for example the woven works.
textile travelers
Our personal favourite – how could you choose between these awesome shoes! Can we have them all?


A Textile Travelers Guide to Guatamala by Deborah Chandler

Published by Thrums Books

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