MaricorMaricar - Blondie - Hand Embroidery

MaricorMaricar – Twin Typography

MaricorMaricar are a twin-sister design tag team from Sydney, Australia.

Their combination of embroidery and typography was an instant hit with me. I contacted them about their projects…

“The Sweater Letter alphabet is an ongoing project that was really inspired buy our love of patterns and the cosy comfort of knitted sweaters. We’re working our way through them a bit randomly but I guess these are our versions of stitch samplers where we get to experiment with combining various stitches and techniques.

MaricorMaricar - Twin Typography

“Epic Battle is a series of tongue in cheek imaginary head -to-head match ups between players you wouldn’t usually expect to see in a boxing ring. Made just for fun and for private commissions. We’re also opening it up and asking people to let us know if there are any match ups they fancy seeing so we can try to make them happen.

MaricorMaricar - Twin Typography

“Lastly the typographic works started out as mixed up idioms and phrases that my sister and I are guilty of dropping all the time. We’ve focused on mixed up lyrics for our show next month at Mart Gallery, with a double play on the word mix-tape we’ve structured our show to be a typographic mix-tape with each piece focusing on a piece of lyric by different bands.”

MaricorMaricar - Twin Typography

I like MaricorMaricar – they’re funny, stylish and the work is well executed. There’s a nice level of interactivity with their Epic Battle series which is a charming idea. I’ll settle for Pirates vs. Hello Kitty.

MaricorMaricar - Twin Typography

The typography series has endless possibilities and their current works combines funky fonts with vibrant colour choices to great effect. I’m certainly interested to see where they take this idea.

MaricorMaricar - Twin Typography

Keep your eyes on MaricorMaricar on their website and get to know them on their blog. I think they’re going places.

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