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The Mending Directory: Over 50 modern stitch patterns for visible repairs by Erin Eggenburg

Published by Search Press


Have you got a load of old clothes which are too sentimental to bin but too ruined to use? Using The Mending Directory, become inspired how you can salvage them and give them a new life. With over fifty patterns and ideas, there will be one to suit your item.

Who is Erin Eggenburg?

Erin Eggenburg is a mending tutor, and owner of Wrenbirdarts, as online shop specialising in mending. She founded an amazing Mending Club, an online forum for those interested in repairs and mending. This begun during covid-19 allowing members to socialise and connect online. She has an instagram account with many followers and lives in the USA.

Who is this book aimed at?

Those with an interest in using embroidery and needle skills to mend and repair objects such as ripped jeans and holed jumpers, allowing ruined items a new life. This book will also interest readers who love to recycle and care for the planet.

After reading, I think this book is suitable for all abilities as each project has clear step-by-step instructions and photographs. The book has been aligned to begin with beginner level projects, getting harder onwards.


On first glance, I am not surprised by what is listed. We get the usual intro section, following with the projects and then the credits to finish. However on reading through this book, I have discovered so much more. I will reveal the highlights now…

The Mending Directory Erin Eggenburg contents list in text form
the contents list shows how the book begins with the basics and progresses from there

I liked how Erin tries to connect with us readers via her about the author page. It’s quite personal and tells her story without being over lengthy.

The Mending Directory Erin Eggenburg meet Erin the writer
The authors personal note

Following on from the whole usual contents list and authors note, I liked the way Erin pictures the mending outcome with the page number we will find it on. This makes it quicker to locate what we are looking for.

The Mending Directory Erin Eggenburg contents list page two
the little square images reveal what each project looks like

The tools and materials are pretty basic, so sourcing them won’t be an issue. Most of us who use embroidery in some way will have them already.

The Mending Directory Erin Eggenburg the tools required to mend
what we will need – not an extended complex list

What is the mending discussed in this book?

I pose this question as mending can have loads of different meanings, depending on the context. In this book, it obviously relates to textile art, yet more specifically within this book you will learn how to extend the life of all your favourite items, which are ripped or damaged in some way. The mending instuctions shown could be classed as visible mending, which is when an item is repaired in a way to make it obvious that a mend is present, rather than trying to repair the item to look perfect again.

The Mending Directory Erin Eggenburg darning sample in blue and orange
no hiding of the repair

What is good about this book?

The level of skill required by the project is made obvious by Erin, which really helps readers to know where to begin….

The Mending Directory Erin Eggenburg mending styles
The skill levels are all explained well by the author

The photographs are beautiful, allowing us to see how the stitch patterns can work in reality. We don’t just learn the patterns, we learn how to use them in real life.

The Mending Directory Erin Eggenburg image of jeans
the stitch samples used on a pair of jeans

I also actually really like the stitch patterns taught in themselves. When I think of mending, my mind immediately goes to techniques such as Sashiko and Boro, with plainer stitch patterns. We have plenty of posts on Boro and Sashiko so do check them out too! However this book focuses not on the item to repair, but the visual beauty of what could be added. This heart pattern is one such example.

The Mending Directory Erin Eggenburg blue sample with heart pattern
a bold repair with a simple heart pattern

I appreciated the number of step-by-step instructions. They do not leave gaps for us to guess or interpret, they are realistic and clear for all skill levels to read and discern.

The Mending Directory Erin Eggenburg how to darn
step-by-step instructions guide us the whole way through

Anything wrong with the book?

If you do not like the idea of mending and repairing your items then it won’t interest you.


The Mending Directory: Over 50 modern stitch patterns for visible repairs by Erin Eggenburg

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