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XStitch Issue 20 – MYSTERY | Cross Stitch

One of the oldest mysteries of the craft world is why people think that cross stitch is dull and only done by old ladies. Issue 20 of XStitch Magazine blows that myth apart! Our Mystery issue features fourteen original cross stitch patterns from some of the best designers in the business, all of whom have put their spin on the mysterious theme! Want to find out what you can sink your needle into? All will be revealed!

Maria Diaz - The Lady And The Suitcase

For nostalgia fans, Maria Diaz opens this issue with her nifty novella inspired design. If you’re a bookworm, this pattern is perfect for your library wall, no matter how big or how small!

Mr X Stitch - Back In Black

Your ever-loving Kingpin of Contemporary Embroidery, Mr X Stitch, is back in black with this questionable pattern that is simple, but is not easy!

Do you dare display the back of your work..?!

Cinnabar Canary - Ms Martini

If you like Art Deco design, and have flapper aspirations, Cinnabar Canary has the perfect pattern for your boudoir! Ms. Martini is always at the best parties, but somehow, people often seem to be murdered when she’s around..!

Will you fall under her spell?

Marina Bolmini - King Ink

Arguably the greatest horror author of all time, Marina Bolmini pays homage to Stephen King with this dramatic design – perfect for the horror lover in your life!

And if this touches your nerves, be sure to check out the first part of this dark diptych in our Noir Issue!

Climbing Goat Designs - Galactic Unicorn

It’s not all darkness in this issue though!

Climbing Goat Designs goes interstellar with her Galactic Unicorn design which is a great thing to stitch for star crossed lovers or anyone with mystical aspirations!

How far will your mind take you as you step into deep mindfulness with this esoteric pattern?

Kate Spiridonova - No Passing Zone

Who knows what mysteries lie in the deep recesses of the teenage bedroom? Woe betide anyone who dares to enter without knocking first!

If you have experience of this, you can save lives by stitching this design by Kate Spiridonova and displaying it in the right place!

Fuzzy Fox Designs - Pinning Down The Truth

Have you ever Biscornu’d? It’s an awesome way to turn a flat design into something useful like a pin cushion (or stab protector if you’re hanging out with Ms. Martini!).

Fuzzy Fox Designs packs all kinds of sleuthy icons into her pattern, including parts that only show up in the dark!

Lord Libidan - Moon Tarot

Do you believe in tarot? Do the alignment of the planets affect your world? Can you call upon the mysteries from beyond to guide you through life?

What better way to connect with your higher self than sitting in a meditative state while stitching this pattern from Lord Libidan?

And if you resonate with this pattern, then our Namaste issue will take you to a new plane of stitching pleasure!

Peacock & Fig - Imagine

Let your imagination soar with Peacock & Fig‘s offering that echoes the Arts & Crafts movement with a modern colour palette that would look perfect in any inspirational setting!

Sweet Annet - The World's Greatest Detective

If you’ve got a mystery that needs solving, it’s time for the world’s greatest detective!

Sweet Annet pays homage to Sherlock Holmes in this design that is a great gift for the amateur detective in your world! The choice to stitch this is, dare we say, elementary?

Melarise - The Moon Made Me Do It

Have you ever done something without really knowing why? We’ve all been moved to act in ways that we may never truly understand and with her pattern, Melarise tries to explain one possible reason.

Of course, if you’re moved to buy this issue, that’s just a sign that you’ve got great taste and love spending time stitching amazing designs!

Or is it something else..?!

PXLCRs - Curious Camper

It’s not a Mystery Machine, it’s a Curious Camper!

This VW camper van by PXLCRS is retrotastic, and perfect for the motor head or Scooby Snack fanatic in your world!

Why not personalise the van in the colours of your own V-Dub?

Niki McDonald - Mystery Lady

Niki McDonald delivers that 1980s nostalgia with this retro-romantic design featuring a sultry seductress who will remain in your dreams long after you’ve finished stitching her!

Are you ready to fall in love with this Mystery Lady?

The Manly Art of Cross Stitch - Blown Away

You’ll be blown away by this 1980s’ inspired pattern from the newest member of the XStitch family, The Manly Art of Cross Stitch!

Music fans are going to love this classic design, which reminds us of a time before digital, when Mixtapes were all the rage!

We’ve got our usual selection of good reading including a Designer Discourse with Emma Congdon, some amazing 3D cross stitch from Robin Hobbs, a new tool you’ll want in your kit courtesy of Grace at Beyond Measure, and a review of the new book from CatsvsCute!

Don’t forget all the other cool things that come as standard in our interactive digital issues!

  • This issue has charts in two formats – Colour Blocks & Symbols and Symbols only – to make it easier for you to follow them, and we have clickable links to help you jump from one chart to the next!
  • You can use our sidebars for the designers to access their socials and websites!
  • Click on the legends for each chart to instantly access bespoke thread bundles to buy from our friends at Maydel!
  • And don’t forget about our collaborative YouTube playlist!

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The only Mystery now is how long it’ll take you to get stitching one of these designs! Buy it now and get immediate access!

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