The Stitch Stylist - pink hat swimmer

The Stitch Stylist – Portrait Warrior

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Today we are featuring the work of The Stitch Stylist, AKA Vici Sinkinson. She creates embroidery art, with a self care x fashion edge…..lets find out more!

A bit about the artist

Vici Sinkinson studied visual communication at Bath Spa University College specialising in her final year in print. She got into children’s book publishing, the start of her artistic journey. She now lies in textiles more than publishing, with a focus on embroidery for fashion and interior design.

Her Instagram account tells us that she is a ‘Warrior Artist’, a ‘Feminist’ creating Mixed Media Textile Art. This certainly helps us to conjure up an opinion before we even see anything visually.

About the work she creates….

Her website tells us:

These embroideries were the start of a self-care project and a desire to get back to ‘making’. As a graphic designer for the last 16 years, I had a deep desire to step away from the computer and start using my hands again. I just hadn’t realised exactly what that something was, until back in February, when I decided to explore my love of textiles and picked up a needle and thread. I haven’t looked back. Each one of these hand embroidered portraits contains its own unique character and story, and I hope, a sense of nostalgia. They are a playful pastiche on Victorian portraiture and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed the process of making each one.

A look at the work itself

She has a definite focus on women and levitating their status to become appreciated. She creates strong characters within her work, lets view a few highlights….

The Stitch Stylist 1
Warrior Art – Lenna

Look at that headdress. We love the make up too. It has an Indian vibe. Notice how she doesn’t overplay the whole image, she tends to focus on the hair area rather than making all the facial features embroidered too.

On the embroidery below, note the link between the fabric it is captured beside and the embroidery itself. We love this African vibe, the lady set with no facial detail at all, just the head area to focus on, which is decorative enough!

The Stitch Stylist Zhuri
The Stitch Stylist Zhuri

The Stitch Stylist official website is worth a visit, you will see loads of images similar to the ones we have here.

The artist also has an Instagram account, which is regularly updated.

The Stitch Stylist - swimmer
The Stitch Stylist - pink hat swimmer
Lovely styling with like minded interiors
The Stitch Stylist with one of her embroideries
The Stitch Stylist with one of her embroideries
The Stitch Stylist - Love the curly top hair
The Stitch Stylist – Love the curly top hair

How has The Stitch Stylist developed her work into a business? If you take a look at her website, you will find that her work has been developed into printable designs, which are available to buy. The work lends itself to this by its nature as it looks quite like illustration for fashion.

On the other hand, maybe you fancy getting a more personalised piece made in her style….ask her to do your portrait!

If portraits take your fancy, we’ve got other posts for you to enjoy!

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