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Here’s what we think of Thread Folk: A Modern Makers Book of Embroidery Projects and Artist Collaborations, written by Libby Moore, published by Paige Tate & Co


The author Libby Moore marries together a few different artists’ illustrations coupled with a good old traditional embroidery hoop and hand embroidery to showcase a number of repeatable patterns. The patterns vary in theme, from floral to confetti. Patterns are included at the very back of the book, with the ability to cut them out and store them due to the perforated edge. The book is a square hardback, with around 140 pages.

About The Author

Libby Moore is the embroidery artist behind this publication. She has an Etsy shop and many followers on social media. She creates her own patterns, which you will note within this book. Currently she is based in Australia with her family.

Who Is This Book Aimed At?

The hand embroidery enthusiast , wishing for some inspiration. Aside from the use of a hoop, there are projects to embroidery trainers and cushions, so plenty of choice. It is not a complex publication, so will gather interest from those who are young to embroidery and those wishing for new ideas.


First lets look at the layout of the content…

Thread Folk Libby Moore content list
Each chapter is set out with a few projects and an overall theme

Here is an example of the chapter layout. All patterns inside the chapter are similar in theme. Shapes is the topic for chapter one.

The author warms us to her by telling us her story near the start of this book. We can take from this that anyone can learn to embroider, we will all come from different backgrounds and have a variety of skill levels.

Thread Folk Libby Moore story
Everyone has a story

On another note, the obvious aspects are also included in this book. Take for example stitch diagrams, which are helpful for us all really and will be a real need for those of us with less experience.

Thread Folk Libby Moore stitch diagram
Stitch diagrams help us all

At the back of the book, you will find all the patterns needed. They are perforated at the edge so that you can tear them out. This is a nice touch, one a little different from the norm.

Thread Folk Libby Moore patterns
Patterns are laid out well and you can even tear them out without ruining the book

The actual projects are set out as below; most follow the same pattern, photograph of finished project alongside the next page which will tell us the title and a bit of info, including all the tools required to make it. We particularly liked this design, which is a little different from the usual can-be-boring florals, which we see on social media a little too often.

Thread Folk Libby Moore hand embroidery zoomed out
A little more unusual than the norm design wise


The finished items are pictured well in this publication. Some are captured as close ups as well as full design illustrations:

Thread Folk Libby Moore floral
Florals, however these are pretty
Thread Folk Libby Moore confetti close up
Confetti colour

What Makes The Book Special?

We liked the more unusual project ideas, which come away from the hoop. The canvas shoes below are a good example of this.

Thread Folk Libby Moore shoes in real
What will you embroider on your shoe?

We must also add that we enjoyed the artist collaboration side of this book – the author has not just used her own work, she has invited others to convey theirs too. This makes for a more evened out publication, a marriage of ideas.

Anything Wrong With The Book?

For some, the topic may get a bit old, there are a long list of embroidery books out there teaching us skills. However this one really does do a good job. With its hardback cover and small square size, its a great travel companion and is not too cumbersome.

Thread Folk Libby Moore instructions
Same old topic, yet with a modern vibe due to its size


With a wealth of colour and cheer, what are you waiting for?

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