Sweet ‘n Sharp Macarons!

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Welcome to another Tooled Up column where we aim to give you reviews of fun products from all over the crafty world. Today we review the scrumptious Sweet ‘n Sharp Macaron from Clover.

WARNING – this post will make you hungry…

A beautiful way to keep your needles happy

Are You Ready For Adventure?

I am completely in love with this product. You open the box and find a gorgeous little macaron complete with a squishy middle. How cute is this?

Looks good enough to eat – but don’t!

Sharpening my needles is not something I’ve often really thought about, I’m ashamed to say. But using this pretty product I quickly saw what a difference it makes.

One half of the macaron is magnetic so you can either attach it to something for safe keeping, or use it as a needle minder.

Keeps your needle nice and safe

And the cream centre is a needle sharpener – how cool is that! Just stab the little centre and your needles come out good as new again.

Insert the needles to keep them sharp

This is a fantastic product. One of those things I didn’t realise I needed until I tried it out. It comes in two ‘flavours’ – rather than two colours – which is another nice touch, raspberry and pistachio.

One of the marketing shots – so cuuuuuuuuuute!

What a great name as well, “Sweet ‘n Sharp” – describes it perfectly. Brilliantly designed, it’s cute and practical. Win win!

You can watch them in action on YouTube here.  Or for more information on these cuties and stockists email Clover here or telephone 01453 883581. For more info on Clover products click here.

Right, I’m off to sharpen my entire needle stash!

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