Tracey Emin

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Tracey Emin - Mad Tracey from Margate appliqued blanket

Tracey Emin is one of the UK’s most famous artists, and over the past twenty years she has produced a large body of work across a range of different media. In this post, we’ll be focusing on her appliqued blankets.

Tracey Emin - Automatic Orgasm appliqued blanket

Tracey’s work is autobiographical and unflinching in its honesty. Part of her appeal comes from the rawness of her work and the ways in which she processes her life history through her work – sharing it with the audience and making us witness to her experience. Her blankets are big pieces, filled with colour, vitality, passion and energy and replete with spelling mistakes. They are covered in messages and textures that take you on an emotional journey as you read them.

Tracey Emin - Helter Fucking Skelter appliqued blanket

The pieces feel like outbursts; their immediacy and the expressive phrases on the blankets create tensions with the methods of production.The deliberate construction of misspelled dialogue adds weight to the messages and leaves a lasting residue. They are powerful works.

Tracey Emin - Hotel International appliqued blanket

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