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Unicorn Felt

I’ve loved unicorns for as long as I can remember. My favourite movies as a child were Unico in the Island of Magic and The Last Unicorn. My first Halloween/Mardi Gras costume was a purple unicorn. No other mythical creature captured my young imagination like the unicorn. Maybe you have similar memories.

This time, I’m celebrating unicorn magic with my favourite felt unicorns (and a couple of narwhals) from far and wide, plus some new works of my own. Please click though to see more from each of these very talented felt artists!

Unicorn felt example by Sovaeart   - favourite felt unicorns
Sovaeart Unicorn felt

This artist is a freelance sculptor and her pieces are just amazing.  If you click through on the link above, you will see some of the work she produces.

Ainigmati (blogged previously here)

I love the fluffy quality of this hand felted horse sculpture.  Look at that tail and the pattern detail.  She specialises in pet sculptures and some of them are just scarily good.  She has an Etsy shop, so get your eyes over to her work from the link above!  

Nocik (blogged previously here)

We like this artist in particular due to their niche take on Taxidermy x Felt.  If you look at their other work, you can see a pattern running through the whole lot, all placed on the traditional taxidermy wood setting.  This is a contemporary take on needle felting and it is cruelty free! 

Loads of made to order pieces in felt and also a collection of watercolour paintings are available to view and purchase, by this awesome felt artist.  So cute!

Below are a further few unusual pieces – not all unicorns look like the traditional horse!

Two Sad Donkeys
Two Sad Donkeys (blogged previously here)

The style of the image below is just beautiful.  This artist has a website which you can visit through the link below.  Why not check out their site?  They state:

I am a textile artist working predominantly in felt. Felt is a unique, non-woven textile made from wool fibres. Felt making is the process during which wool fibres shrink and come together to form a dense mat when subjected to heat, humidity, friction and a change of alkalinity. The art of feltmaking predates woven cloth and is thought to date back to Neolithic times.

Go see for yourself!

Until next time, why not get your google heads on and find your own Unicorn felt favourites? 

Zoe Williams Reverie teaser

PS – If you love unicorns as much as I do, you can help save the real thing. Learn more at

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