The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Mana Morimoto

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Mana Morimoto is an embroidery explorer from Tokyo, Japan. She’s been exploring a simple concept lately and I thought it merited a closer look.

Mana Morimoto - Scanned Threads

“I think it was a few months ago, probably in June when I first tried scanning threads. I’m never good at organizing embroidery floss and my desk was always covered by them and I just loved how they look. They were beautifully tangled up and I wanted to keep them the way they were, but then I needed to clean my desk so that’s when I though of scanning them.


Mana Morimoto - Scanned Threads

“I just read someone writing about my scanned threads work on their blog and they were saying I’d carefully place embroidery threads or something like that, but I’m never careful when placing threads on my scanner. I just grab threads and then kind of spread them before scanning.


Mana Morimoto - Scanned Threads

Then, I send a scanned image to my iPhone and spend hours on my photo app cropping it, rotating it and making it symmetrical. I repeat the process and always end up making like 30 different versions from one scanned image.

Mana Morimoto - Scanned Threads



“I could spend a whole day working on these and never get tired. I never know how the final images would look like when I scan threads but they always turn out beautiful I think!”


Mana Morimoto - Scanned Threads

This is such a lovely idea. Technology can help us explore the world of embroidery in new and different ways, and Mana’s simple concept is a great example of where we could go. Her execution of image manipulation is fantastic, and you do get the impression that the pieces are entirely hand made. It’s great stuff.

Mana Morimoto - Scanned Threads

Mana’s tearing it up on Tumblr and is also floating around on Facebook. Go give her some love.


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