ZoraHolly - Brocade Satin Flower Necklace

The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – ZoraHolly

ZoraHolly is a mother and daughter embroidery team from China.

ZoraHolly - Chrysanthemum Sculpture Necklace

“It is hard to explain the secret behind our work. When my mother and I first worked together to create these art works we could never have imagined the results. Our only wish is to share them with those among you who love art. Also, we feel our work has a sense of fulfilling a special destiny. A daughter who was once taught so many things by her mother now finds herself becoming the teacher.

ZoraHolly - Brocade Satin Flower Necklace

“The life” represents familial affection, with mother and daughter knitted together in perfect intimacy. Their life experience has shaped each other’s stories. “Losing” brought a new meaning to our relationship. Now cherishing each other and what we have is at the foundation of our relationship. This life of ours spans several decades but is ultimately limited. Sometimes it seems so long and at other times it appears so very short. However, within this finite life, we strive to create a small world which can retain an eternal serenity.”

Zora Yin - Ants Soft Sculpture

There’s no denying the exquisite nature of this work, recreating the beauty of nature in minute proportion. The jewellery is filled with detail of stitch and elegant construction.

ZoraHolly - Romantic Sakura Necklace

Zora’s individual works explore similar content, with lifelike insect sculptures being created out of thread and wire. It’s impressive work, and while the flowery necklaces might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying the quality and charm of the work.

Zora Yin - Spider Soft Sculpture

Find out more about ZoraHolly at their site and make your purchase at their etsy store.

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