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Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery encompasses so many types of needlework formats, producing beautiful art through the craft of using needle and thread.

Hanny Newton - In Our Veins
Olisa Corcoran - Spanish Eyes (2015)
MadX Stitcher's Marvin the Android Embroidered Tea Towel
Embroidered grasshopper by Jenna Lagonigro
String Of Thought by Maddie Dowling
Funk And Weber - Games Cover
Fiance Knowles' Hand Embroidered Death Star
Soraya Abidis' Love Fruit - Soft Sculpture
IggyStarPup's Admiral Ackbar Applique
Helen McCook's Jacobean Blackwork Portrait
Inge Jacobsen's Beyonce Hand Embroidery
Tutto A Posto's Number 9
Bella's First Hand Embroidery
@hocatypungtas' Alice Cooper hand embroidery
Hand & Lock 2013 Open Category winner Beata Kania
Put The Needle On The Record Exhibition
LoadofOldBobbins - Jimi Hendrix
Bridal Bouquet by Charlotte Laurie Designs (Hand Embroidery)