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Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery encompasses so many types of needlework formats, producing beautiful art through the craft of using needle and thread.

Hand & Lock, Second prize, open category, Anastasia Brown
thread_counted's hand embroidered whale
Sevenblackhatchets' Murder Embroidery
Charlotte_Stitches' Hand Embroidered Cephlapod
Princess & the Pea by RSN Future Tutor Graduate, Deborah Wilding, Stumpwork
John Paradiso's Pansies
Heidi_M_Pearl's Goldwork
Stitchosaurex Rex's Cheetah Girl Hand Embroidery
kariecakes' Kang Hand Embroidery
Angellthingzz' Leaf Me Alone Hand Embroidery
cosiobordaotejio's hand embroidery flower
Sewphie's Marnie Scarlet Hand Embroidery
PinsAndPines' Yeats Hand Embroidery
Brodi_fr's Hand Embroidered Graffiti
Michelle Kingdom's Fragile Clarity Hand Embroidery
AnnelieEmbroidery's Abstract Hand Embroidery
It worked on the first try!
ThreadsInstead's Hand Embroidery
Ana Teresa Barboza's Lioness Hand Embroidery
Sara Hadlow Prize Project