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Hannalie Taute is a mixed media artist from the Klein Karoo, South Africa. Her latest show “Cross My Heart” runs from 10 February – 30 March 2015 at Erdmann Contemporary in Cape Town.

Hannalie Taute - Sacrifice

“Taute’s work is in a constant state of evolution, which in itself mirrors many of the ideas behind her art. One central theme or unifying characteristic is the repeated exploration of identity.

Hannalie Taute - Fauna and Flora

“She explores this concept by means in which people often have many, and sometimes conflicting, identities to which they answer to. This is perhaps most striking in her upcoming show Cross My Heart, her 6th solo exhibition, where Taute again returns to the medium of recycled inner tires with embroidered thread.

Hannalie Taute - Pigs

“The coarseness of the rubber is counteracted by the delicacy of the thread, but this is subverted, as often the stitching and composition of the rubber tires are delicate and the thread seems almost rough in its arrangement. Taute manages to make the medium of the piece interact with the subject matter in a way that forces the viewer to deeply engage and question with the art-works.”

Hannalie Taute - Safe

I’m a sucker for stitching on interesting surfaces and so it’s no surprise that Hannalie’s work really excites me. I asked her a bit more about the process and Hannalie explained that although she’s only recently started using embroidery in her work, she’s getting into it.

“What I can say is that I enjoy the process of getting the rubber in such a state that I can start embroider on it, basically using one type of stitch, in order to practice ‘painting’ with the thread. I started to explore size in the work, and find different challenges to do the actual act of embroidery on that size.”

Hannalie Taute - No Hard Feelings

I love the hi contrast stitching and the punk aesthetic that arises from stitching on a fetishistic surface like rubber. There’s a rawness to the work and a brutality that is quite arresting. With strong characterisation and a dark sense of humour, it’s a great exhibition and I’m just sorry that I can’t make it to South Africa to see it.

Hannalie Taute - Cross My Heart

As part of the exhibition, you can enjoy this e-catalogue of the exhibition to get even more of this terrific work.

Visit Hannalie’s website to find out more about her remarkable work.


The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge is brought to you in association with PUSH: Stitchery, the contemporary embroidered art book curated by Jamie Chalmers. Featuring 30 textile-based artists from around the world, it’s a must have for needlework fans.

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Studio MME - West Coast Love - Cover

We’ve featured the work of Megan Eckman and Studio MME a few times in the past and we’re big fans of her illustrative style of embroidery. Megan’s got a new book coming out – West Coast Love – and we’ve been given a sneak preview of it!

Studio MME - West Coast Love - Hollywood

The book has four main chapters – the obligatory learning section and then three sections of designs: California, Oregon and Washington. The book rounds up with the patterns for the design, laid out for tracing and for iron-on (reversed).

Studio MME - West Coast Love - St Johns

Megan has chosen iconic images from each of the three States and pared them down to tidy simple illustrations that are easy to stitch. Her style fuses each design with a classic feel, but they’re kinda contemporary at the same time. I really like them – they’ve got nostalgia in spades.

Studio MME - West Coast Love - Golden Gate

Megan’s designs are simple enough for beginners, but provide a good basis for the more experienced stitcher to go to town on them with all manner of embellishments. I’m sure there’s huge scope for enhancement in these designs, and a good dose of local flavour is bound to produce some nice results.

Project Pages - Golden Gate

The book is well designed, with clear instructions and there’s a nice narrative throughout the book so you feel like you’re having an adventure with Megan, meandering your way down the Coast. I’ve not toured this part of the States, but Megan’s book makes me feel like I have.

As well as popular landmarks, I like the fact that Megan’s included a few bits of wildlife in the book, including the Stellar’s Jay, and you can download a free copy of that design by right-clicking and “Save As…”ing the image below!

Studio MME - West Coast Love - Stellars Jay Design

All in all West Coast Love is a nice addition to the embroidery book market and if you’ve got or know of someone with affection for any of the States in question, you may just want to get hold of a copy. West Coast Love is produced by Studio MME and is available from their webshop!


Nuido It Yourself - Japanese Embroidery with Madeline Scharpf

I took this photo while waiting for a train in Tokyo last November. It’s all about that Pacific Northwest flannel paired with simple Japanese stitches which makes this top so fetching. I need one.

Pretty idea!

Pretty idea!

It reminds me of Yumiko Higuchi’s classic, Wool Stitch. Her simple, deliberate, tiny designs can be used to embellish practically everything.

Yumiko Higuchi's book Wool Stitch

Yumiko Higuchi’s book Wool Stitch

Yumiko San is a talented embroidery artist who manages the most even, clean stitches. Her patterns look simple but each one is graceful and alluring. Keep up with her newest designs and inspirational photos on her Facebook page. Yumiko Higuchi has a website where you can view her breathtaking artwork.

Artwork and photo credit to Yumiko Higuchi

Artwork and photo credit to Yumiko Higuchi

Unless you read Japanese, you might never know that this is her book as well. It contains detailed, photo instructions that anyone can follow, regardless of your preferred language. This book includes a stitch guide but the best part is that she gives clear patterns of how to make coin purses, pouches, bows, headband, decorations and collars.

The book includes how to make this purse!

The book includes how to make this purse!

It was difficult to decide which pattern to use because I like so many of them but I decided on repeating the fir trees in her Night Forest design.

Trace and trace and trace again.

Trace and trace and trace again.


Being from the Pacific Northwest, I have plenty of flannel on hand. I found this beauty in the Young Men’s section of a local department store while shopping with my son. Who knew it contained an entire resource of women’s fashion?!


Flannel and Fir Trees

Flannel and Fir


Do you have something in your closet that could use some Japanese inspired threads?


Happy little trees

Happy little trees



Madeline Scharpf

When she’s not gallivanting overseas (usually to Japan) Madeline is making things at home in the Oregon countryside where she lives with four dogs, a pig and her human family. You can keep up with Madeline’s endless fiber projects and find her travel blog at www.madelinewonderland.com as well as visit her Etsy shop.


The Cutting & Stitching Edge | Contemporary Embroidered Art from Mr X Stitch


Teresa Lim is an embroidery artist from Singapore.

Teresa Lim - Sew Wanderlust Prague - Hand Embroidery

Sew Wanderlust is Teresa’s ongoing pet project to document her travels. It started in 2014 in Perth when  she was at the beach and she wanted to take a photo of the sunset but her phone has ran out of battery. She only had her craft supplies with her and she thought that maybe it would be great to embroider the scene instead. That was how “Sew Wanderlust” started.

Teresa Lim - Sew Wanderlust Charles Bridge, Prague - Hand Embroidery

“In her own words, she says ‘Embroidering a place instead of taking a photo makes so much of a difference. When you take a photo of a place, you don’t notice the small details. But when you draw or embroider, your eye picks out so much more detail that you wont usually notice. And after I complete a piece, I feel like I actually KNOW the place.”

Teresa Lim - Sew Wanderlust Singapore - Hand Embroidery

What a nice idea. Teresa says it takes her a couple of hours to stitch each piece and I can’t help but imagine that it’s a couple of hours very well spent. I’ve stitched on holiday before, but never had the thought of stitching my surroundings. Now it seems like that’s the only sensible thing to do…

Teresa Lim - Sew Wanderlust London - Hand Embroidery

Teresa recently graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore with a first class BA Hons degree in Fashion design and textiles and has already worked with big names like Swarovski, H&M and Harpers Bazaar. A visit to her website showcases the breadth of her work, which extends much further than Sew Wanderlust.

Teresa Lim - Sew Wanderlust Frankfurt - Hand Embroidery

However this was such a simple and elegant idea that it merited a post of its own. If you feel inspired to do something similar, be sure to contact us and tell us about it. Be also sure to visit Teresa’s website and enjoy an emerging talent as she grows and evolves.


The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge is brought to you in association with PUSH: Stitchery, the contemporary embroidered art book curated by Jamie Chalmers. Featuring 30 textile-based artists from around the world, it’s a must have for needlework fans.


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