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Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery encompasses so many types of needlework formats, producing beautiful art through the craft of using needle and thread.

Anthony Stevens - Modern Man - Hand Embroidery
Needlefelted Dog Portrait, by Be Good Natured.
Lindsey Windland - Persistence - Hand Embroidery
moon_bear's rooster hand embroidery
prettyuglycreations' hand embroidered portrait
mai_bonnevivante's burger
Embroidered Leaf, by Hillary Waters Fayle
pooornstitch's bearded kiss hand embroidery
Diana Springall
llllllllillllllll's camera lady hand embroidery
stitchguy's starman hand embroidery
itsonlyyoushop's flowery hand embroidery
Adipocere's Hand Embroidery
yessttichyes' resolution hand embroidery
Kantha Stitch Sari via
Sarah K Benning's interior design hand embroideries
Hand Embroidery Diorama by Mary's Granddaughter
Finch brooch by Niemerze
Orly Cogan's latest hand embroidery