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Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery encompasses so many types of needlework formats, producing beautiful art through the craft of using needle and thread.

Jessica Wohl - Double Vision - Hand Embroidery
alexsembroidery's geometric rabbit hand embroidery
Teresa Millies' TARDIS hand embroidery
Future Tutor Auburn Lucas gets down to detail with the wives of the Ambassadors from Costa Rica and Ecuador as they look at her blackwork embroidery.
Kirby and Opal's garden 3 2009
William Schaff's What Cheer Hand Embroidered Patch
Ruth Singer - Narrative Threads
CorinneSleight's Hand Embroidery WIP
Front of shadow embroidery
These two designs from the Kreinik museum show silver Japan Threads in Braid and Ribbon versions used with silk threads. Notice the visual effect of a shiny thread next to a silk thread—gorgeous. The silver complements so many colors, and looks beautiful next to silver (or clear) beads.
saffskills' hand embroidered giraffe
Rebecca Levi's Hand Embroidered Flower Beard
LadyLadyKaty's Vajazzling Hand Embroidery
Cayce Zavaglia on Instagram
Mary M Mazziotti - Timeline 6 - Hand Embroidery
Hand & Lock Goldwork at Burberry Fashion Show
Liberty Monarch Brooch by Heather Everitt Embroidery (Machine Embroidery)
Sally Hewitt;s Stumpwork
Glow-in-the-dark threads are a fun element to add to any design. They are especially perfect for anything that "glows" in real life, such as moonlight. Photo is from a design by Kreinik.