Courtney Cox Pandemic PORTRAIT

Courtney Cox

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We first noticed Courtney Cox’s work while visiting a group art show in Rome; her work stood out, due to its nature and focus on the times in which we now live.

Courtney Cox Pandemic PORTRAIT
Pandemic Portrait (2020)

Since her early childhood, textile art has been a focus for Courtney. She was fascinated by cross stitch to begin with and crochet, all focused around her grandmothers influence. As she progressed through school, she tried out loads of art types, even making decorative motifs. Finally in her twenties, she was introduced to hand embroidery.

This has become her medium of choice, now working on freehand designs every day as her practice. She links her work with fine art of the drawing based kind, due to its often relatable nature on portraits and figures.

Girl in Glasses (2020)

Working as a fiber artist with a specialization in hand embroidery, my art addresses modern observations through an ancient lens.

Using the everyday tools of a needle and thread, I explore my subjects and tell their story one thread at a time. Investigative and communicative, my process of creating images through thousands of stitches begins with photographic references. The photograph is converted to an original design, transferred onto fabric, and hand embroidered over days or weeks.

Courtney Cox
David Bowie (2020)

My portrait work ranges from a romantic observation of the human existence to commentary on politics or global crises. My non-portraiture work has included subjects just as varied. These hand embroideries may be embellished with watercolor, cut away partially or entirely, or mounted in unusual ways, such as onto a backward canvas or a fly swatter.

Donald Trump Courtney Cox
Lie Swatter (2020)

Pandemic Portrait has a haunting nature, it sits on edge, as if it is telling us something. We all have your memories of this current time we have journeyed through….

What is in our hearts? The work this artist has shown, weights heavily on hers.

A few nice close up shots of her stitches to make us envious…..

Courtney Cox
Up close stitches – lovely colours mixed in to give tone
Courtney Cox
Bowie’s eyes

To discover more of Courtney Cox, follow her on Instagram or visit her website.

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